11 Daily Uses Of Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is one of the most versatile and favorite oil for many people. It has a very sweet, fresh, minty, candy-like aroma. And of course it can benefit us in many ways, not only physically but also mentally. Energy boost. Diffusing it in the morning to wake up can be equal to a […]

7 Essential Oils For Grounding

Grounding…. We tend to spend too much time in our heads, we analyze things, think or worry about the future possibilities, or getting stuck with our thoughts in a past, sort of reliving it over and over again, or thinking about what I could’ve done different and so on. We may also go through some […]

Copaiba For Mind Body And Spirit

Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis) essential oil is coming from the resin via distillation process. As all other resinous oils it’s great for emotional healing and protection. Copaiba is very calming and centering essential oil. With its balsamic, resinous, exotic, slightly earthy, sensual and sweet, honey-like aroma it helps us stay balanced and ease the worry. Traditionally […]

Strongest Psychic Cleansers And Protective Essential Oils

Everything is energy. But does everything or everyone carry a good energy for us? Every single day in a modern life we go somewhere, meet other people, communicate with our family members, etc. That’s a part of our living, we can’t stay totally isolated. Each time we talk to somebody, shake hands, stay around some […]

8 Daily Uses Of Copaiba Essential Oil

I knew little to nothing when I first started using Copaiba essential oil but yet I felt in love with it. I intuitively felt that it’s a very gentle but very potent oil and I had the need to learn more about it in order to use it with maximum benefits. That’s when my journey […]

Balancing Chakras With Essential Oils

Everything has energy and so does our body. Chakras, also known as “wheels of life”, are the energy centers in our subtle body, they are the vital force of our well-being. When the energy passes through these centers freely we experience harmony within ourselves, everything seem to work out in our lives, we have good […]

11 Practical Uses Of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile and commonly used essential oils. There are many uses of lavender essential oil. But to make it simple I want to share with you 11 most practical every day uses of this amazing essential oil. Diffuse it in a room for creating a calm and relax […]

4 Essential Oils For Earache

Few days ago we had a pretty extreme experience with earache. It happened during the weekend on a middle of a night with one of my kid. To see a doctor we had to wait till at least next day. So I had to do some remedies for her to reduce pain which was very […]

Pick Of The Week: Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Known as a “poor man’s jasmine”, Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) is one of the most relaxing, sensual and euphoric essential oils. Even though Ylang Ylang is mostly known for its sweet and colorful aroma and was used for years in perfumery, originally it was used for more practical and healing purposes. The name Ylang Ylang […]