Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis) essential oil is coming from the resin via distillation process. As all other resinous oils it’s great for emotional healing and protection. Copaiba is very calming and centering essential oil. With its balsamic, resinous, exotic, slightly earthy, sensual and sweet, honey-like aroma it helps us stay balanced and ease the worry.

Traditionally this oleo-resin was used to reduce pain and inflammation, to treat urinary tract infections and treat respiratory problems like bronchitis and cough. More about the traditional use of Copaiba you find here.

Through the history Copaiba was used by indigenous tribes to heal physical wounds, stop bleeding, reduce inflammation and ease the pain as well as to treat various skin issues. In Peruvian traditional medicine it was taken as a natural sore throat remedy by mixing 3-4 drops of the resin with a spoonful of honey (I personally make a sore throat gargle by mixing 2-3 drops of copaiba oil with honey and then adding warm water).

Another interesting fact about this mysterious oil is that American Indian women were applying this oil on the navel of the newborns to speed up the healing process and it was also applied to heal wounds of the warriors after battle.

Apart from its traditional uses what makes this essential oils so popular is its benefits for our mind, body and spirit.


Copaiba essential oils helps us to calm down, aids relaxation, soothes busy mind, helps to reduce stress and tension after a long intense day which makes it a great companion for practicing mindfulness. Sometimes we might feel too much worry or nervousness and Copaiba can become very helpful, by simply inhaling the soothing aroma to ease these feeling and let us pause and have a look at it from the different perspective.

I also find it very helpful to diffuse around, inhale directly or even apply topically during the time of sadness or when feeling discouraged. With its soft and gentle aroma it creates this sense of comfort and nurturing, and helps to find the inner strength and get empowered again. Copaiba is the oil of healing and support, it encourages emotional healing of all levels, including old emotional wounds.


Copaiba essential oil can benefit our physical body in multiple ways, as you can see from its traditional uses. And the secret of it may lay in a component called beta-caryophyllene, which is found in high amount in this wonderful oil. As the science shows, this component itself has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anti-tumoral, antiviral, immuno-stimulant properties. This can explain the benefits of using Copaiba.

Copaiba is useful for:

Coapiba can be taken internally to promote overall wellness (in a capsule or mixed with honey), can be used as a natural remedy for sore throat, can be used as flavoring agent in cooking (here make sure its a high quality oil suitable for internal use).

Copaiba is also considered to be one of the most safe and gentle essential oils. One of few oils which I feel very comfortable with using around my kids. For more ideas how you can use this amazing essential oil read my article about 8 daily uses of Copaiba essential oil.


Copaiba essential oil is working wonders for our spirit, it aids meditation by quieting the mind and supporting focused attention, aids the sense of tranquility and helps us to reconnect with our true nature, with our true self. It is extremely balancing, grounding, centering, expansive, protective, purifying, uplifting, nurturing and healing essential oil.

Copaiba has a strong affinity with our Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. It helps to deal with our survival issues, creating sense of stability and security, grounding us whenever we need to be grounded and supporting us during the hard times on a level of Root chakra.

On a level of our Sacral chakra it helps us to deal with our relationships by calming down emotional storms, making us more attentive and supporting by opening up our sensuality. Sometimes we just need to slow down and observe what’s happening and here Copaiba can help us to do exactly this.

On a level of our Solar Plexus chakra, Copaiba is helping us to regain our personal inner power and strength, start to believe in ourselves again, it comforts us yet encourages to keep going and never giving up.

As you can see Copaiba has many sides and can benefit us from different aspects, be it for the mental and emotional support, physical support or spiritual practices. Since the popularity of aromatherapy increases unfortunately not all essential oils are created equal. Choose the ones that are high quality regardless of a brand or the ones that I personally use and recommend.

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