Understanding Aura Colors

I wanted to expend a bit on the topic of aura and talk about the colors that can be seen in auric space, their meaning and how to connect to these colors in order to read them. When we talk about the aura, it can be compared to the whole universe combined in just one […]

How To Create An Energy Ball For Self-Healing

The energy ball is also known as a Chi ball. And this particular practice is very simple and easy o do but yet it is very powerful. The energy ball itself can be used in different ways. It can be used as a self-healing tool, for healing another person, healing the plant or animal. And […]

Clairvoyance. How and What you can perceive clairvoyantly.

Clairvoyance, the ability to see beyond the physical eyes, it enables us to see in some cases inside of the body, to see actual organs and what is out of synch in our physical, emotional or energy body. It also enables us to see thoughts, emotions, sounds, vibrations, energies in a form of visual vibrations […]

How To Open Clairaudience

Let’s talk about Clairaudient abilities and how to develop, or better to say to open clairaudience. I believe we all have it, it’s all within us. Clairaudience is one of the psychic senses which allows us to hear beyond the physical ears. Clairaudience allows us to receive the messages, to hear the messages and to […]

What Blocks Your Intuition And Intuitive Abilities

I strongly believe that we all have intuition and intuitive abilities. and everyone can have it, all you need is to really tune into your intuition, tune into your inner voice. There are few things which I personally find to be cruel when it comes to intuition, they tend to really block our intuition and […]

Open Your Psychic Abilities With Energy Imprint Reading Exercise

We all have intuition and certain intuitive abilities. Some people are more attuned with their intuition and some are less. But we all have it. Opening and developing our psychic abilities may take a bit of practice, which is fun to do. There is a great exercise you can do to tune into your intuition, […]

How To See Auras Easily

Aura is an interconnected energy field that surrounds and extends beyond our physical body, it has several layer also known as energy bodies. The way I personally see aura, is that it has different shapes, different colors or layers of colors, it can also have one predominant color and can also change its color and […]

How To Program The Pendulum For Chakra Reading

Pendulum is fantastic when it comes to reading energy, especially our chakras. And it’s one of my favorite ways to check on the energy flow. Let’s discover how to do it and how to program the pendulum to get correct results. Usually before starting to use pendulum I like to meditate with it for 5-10 […]