Let’s talk about Clairaudient abilities and how to develop, or better to say to open clairaudience. I believe we all have it, it’s all within us.

Clairaudience is one of the psychic senses which allows us to hear beyond the physical ears. Clairaudience allows us to receive the messages, to hear the messages and to communicate with our Higher Self, with our Guardian Angels, our Spirit Guides, to communicate and to listen to the messages of the plants and to communicate with different beings from different realms and different planes of existence.

Of course as any other ability it needs some dedication and some training. It’s like a muscle, it’s like going to a gym, you can’t lift the heavy weight or perform certain way unless you train your muscles in order to be able to lift that heavy weight. Same is here, you need to train your senses in a way so you’re able to receive these clairaudient messages.

There are of course many different exercises which are designed to train your clairaudient abilities. For me personally I only use one single exercise, it doesn’t require any tools, only you and all the tools you need are already within you. The key word here is meditation.

But before you start practicing, say anything to yourself in your mind and pay attention to how your own voice sounds in your mind. Then when you’re ready for the exercise you need to find a quiet place. I personally love doing it in a complete silence, without any music or distraction. You can do it either at home or in nature, either sitting or laying, with your eyes closed, just so any of the visual images won’t destruct you from inner hearing.

Whenever you’re ready close your eyes in your meditation and focus on your breathing. During the meditation focus literally on nothingness. What I mean here, the thoughts will start bombarding you from all possible directions. The key here is not to create a resistance to these thoughts. Once you create resistance and you start telling yourself to think about nothing, you actually thinking about thinking about nothing.

Let these thoughts come to you and let them pass by you like clouds in the sky, without paying or giving any attention to them and bring yourself back to breathing. Once you pay no attention to your thoughts at some point they will just stop.

Focus on your breathing and start noticing the sounds around you. Pay attention to the external sounds, if there is a road nearby, you can hear the sound of cars passing by, if you have pets at home you may hear them making sounds, if you’re around in nature you may hear the wind, the leaves creating a sound by the wind, the birds are singing. First pay attention and observe the external sounds. Then when you’re already calm inside, bring your awareness from the external sounds to the internal sounds. Internally you may start feeling the vibration or frequency and once you focus on it it starts creating a sound, like a melody.

You may also focus on your chakras. Each chakra has its own sound, its own vibration, they “sing”. If you’re surrounded by plants you may start hearing the melody, the “song” that these pants are “singing” (they actually sing).

Pay attention to how does it sound. If you want to communicate to your Higher Self, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, or to whoever you want to communicate to, place intention. Internally you will align yourself to that particular Being you want to communicate to (something you will figure out by practicing). Ask a question in your mind and allow yourself to hear the message or answer. Wait and allow the message to come, don’t place any expectations. Simply wait. It may come immediately or may take some time.

When the message is coming pay attention to how it sounds, is it a male or female voice, does it sound familiar and is it a kind voice or it scares you. These are already clairaudient messages, it’s already your clairaudient ability.

There is noting extraordinary in it, or nothing super special, nothing difficult. It’s a simple practice which you can do on a daily basis by dedicating 10, 15, 20 minutes. It may take 1 or 2 days before you stat hearing beyond the physical but it will definitely come to you.

Have a beautiful day,