Hi, I’m Anna

I’m a healer with aromatherapy background. My goal is to simply bring awareness on what and how we create as an adventure called “life”. Listening to our body language can help us to understand where we have unresolved conflict; changing our perception of simple things can change the way we see ourselves and as a result will attract more joy and abundance; letting go of the past clears a way to brighter present and future; learning how to listen to our inner voice makes it a lot easier to know ourselves and our true desires. And as a result it all helps us become more fulfilled and complete individuals.

No one comes to a healing out of being happy. I also have my story… From depression with suicidal thoughts and rejection to self-acceptance and enjoyment. That phase of my life I simply call a dark night of the soul which brought me back on my path.

There are many tools we can use, they all work beautifully, here I’m sharing what works best for me.