The Dark Night Of The Soul

The Dark Night Of The Soul can be described as a state of being where we experience a lot of negative and heavy feelings and emotions. Even though everything may seem to be perfect and great in our life yet there is that feeling of everything is right but nothing’s right. You still feel that […]

Ground Rules in Relationships

Resentments are the #1 killer of intimacy in relationships. When we are in relationships things happen, we may get a little grudge here and resentment there, sometimes it goes away, sometimes it doesn’t. When there resentments are staying inside of it creates a snowball effect and makes it hard to sustain harmonious relationships. I personally […]

Where Do We Drain Our Energy

Where and how do we drain our energy? I have personally noticed a lot of conversations on internet and also in particular circles of people about how to protect my energy or how to protect it from people that are draining my energy and things like that.. It all might be true, but if to […]

How To Identify Self Limiting Beliefs

How to identify your limiting beliefs? In ThetaHealing, and this is my favorite modality, the one I personally successfully use and practice, we use method of kinesiology to find self-limiting beliefs. Method of kinesiology works very simple, it allows to access subconscious mind and then it gives a response to our muscular system, strong if […]

What Is Limiting Us

Let’s talk about what is actually limiting us, or who is limiting us. It’s ourselves. Let me explain…. It’s about our personal perception or our personal view of the world, how do we perceive the world. Is it a safe place or is it a dangerous place? And that is a result of layering up […]

What Is My Vibration Level?

I want to share with you really cool information about why we attract what we attract. I’s sure that you already familiar with law of attraction and how it works (like attracts like). The Universe responds to what we feel, not what we think or want but what we internally vibrate. Here I’m sharing the […]

How To Forgive And Let Go Of Resentment

Let’s talk about forgiveness and how to forgive, how to let go of all that resentments and all of that emotional heavy burden that is related to resentments. Resentments, from energy healing perspective, the way I perceive them, are seen like dark heavy dense energy that is literally poisoning us from the inside. Of course […]