Let’s talk about what is actually limiting us, or who is limiting us. It’s ourselves. Let me explain…. It’s about our personal perception or our personal view of the world, how do we perceive the world. Is it a safe place or is it a dangerous place? And that is a result of layering up on top of our belief system, which is stored in our subconscious mind.

In ThetaHealing (this in my way, it’s not the only way, but the modality I personally love and find it the most effective) we separate belief system into 4 levels of belief.

Core level beliefs are beliefs from the moment we are born till the present moment. All that experience, observations when we are little kids (especially till the age of 7 the brain is more flexible, is primarily in theta brain wave state) are stored in our subconscious mind. All that we observe, the behavior that we watch within our family, from moms and dads, siblings, society, is all stored in our subconscious mind and then it becomes a foundation to our belief system.

Genetic level beliefs are beliefs that we inherit through our DNA, from our ancestors up to 7 generations back. These are the beliefs that served to our ancestors, they helped them to survive and overcome difficulties, but in a modern day they may no longer be relevant to us and serve us the same way, and may in fact may create certain limitations.

I had a habit since childhood to always finish what’s on my plate. With this habit I was constantly overeating, it was overloading my digestive system, creating heaviness, gaining weight and I would end up feeling guilty and angry for myself for eating it all. I could have simply leave it or in a restaurant ask to pack it. Yet…. I had this need to finish it. So I decided to sort it out. What I came up with what my ancestors who survived holocaust, that time there were fights over food, it was never enough, they didn’t know if they can have food next time, and even people were killing each other over food. It served them very well in order to survive but for me with abundance of food it’s no longer relevant, no longer serving the same way. Once I worked it all through the whole patterning around food, or energy of lack and not enoughness changed. As a result I live a more joyful life.

History level beliefs are beliefs around collective consciousness, society, land we are living at, ads that tell us how to live and what to do, what’s accepted in social group, and past life experiences.

Soul level beliefs are beliefs that get stack on more then one level or are emotionally deep and come to our hearts.

How are we limiting ourselves?

We limit ourselves through our belief system. What do we belief on a subconscious level around different areas of life.

I encourage to play an association game. That is a very fun and easy way to see if you have any limiting beliefs around particular word in any area of life. You’ll need a pan and paper. You can divide it into areas of life like career, money, love/relationships, family/friends, health, recreation/fun, personal growth, physical environment. The very first thought, or feeling, or whatever pops up in your mind write it down. What are your associations around money, sex, children, motherhood/fatherhood, joy, entertainment, you name it. Write both positive and negative responses.

Another way we might be limiting ourselves is through unprocessed or suppressed emotions (ex., feeling of not being enough, feeling unworthy of love, of not deserving, etc., we attract what we vibrate). And suppressed and unprocessed emotions are the one of the biggest foundations of psychosomatic issues. Finding that emotions, accepting them, exploring them, releasing them will serve you a very good deal.

I personally lived most of my life with the energy of comparison, when I was a kid my mom would constantly compare me with other kids. It was sort of normal in society where we lived that days. As a result I was constantly feeling myself not being good enough, humiliated, ashamed, unworthy. When I was working with these emotions, I saw it all through another eyes, I realized that it was not about me not being good enough, it was because my mom didn’t know any batter, she never meant me to feel bad or inadequate, it was her way to motivate me, to make me to reach for my highest potential. Once I realized it all my whole feelings, and patterns in life changed. I’ve changed.

We are also limiting ourselves often through fear.

Fear is not there to create harm for us but to keep us safe.

We have a comfort zone. Whatever is familiar to us, even though it may not be pleasant, but on a subconscious level it is recorded as safe. Whatever is unfamiliar it is recorded as unsafe, or potential danger. Whenever we want to change our life the first thing we need to do is to get out from our comfort zone, because of we keep ourselves in a comfort zone we do the same actions we get the same results. So to create change in life we need to step out of that comfort zone. When we step out of the comfort zone it becomes uncomfortable, unfamiliar and therefor in our subconscious mind it might be translated as potentially dangerous place.

We can have a lot of inner dialogues, self doubts and they all will be related to our fears. Our subconscious mind whenever comes to fears, belief systems, especially when it’s backed up with emotional trauma, it is there for us (it doesn’t distinguish either it’s good belief or bad belief, it is just it is) to keep us safe. All of our choices, actions, procrastination or perfectionism may lead us directly to our belief system or fears.

From my personal experience, whenever I work with belief system, finding and releasing what’s no longer serving and replacing with more empowering ones, I find that even through the process of simple awareness a lot of “dis-empowering beliefs” are getting destroyed. From my experience, what I’ve tried, I find the good way to work with belief system is ThetaHealing (my favorite modality that I love and practice, I live it in fact), EFT (Emotional freedom Technique) works very good, affirmations but it takes time to settle it down, hypnotherapy. If you know other modalities, or there are modalities that resonate with you, I’d strongly suggest to use them and create change in your life, or if you can’t do it yourself, find someone who can do it for you.

Have a blissful day,