How to identify your limiting beliefs? In ThetaHealing, and this is my favorite modality, the one I personally successfully use and practice, we use method of kinesiology to find self-limiting beliefs. Method of kinesiology works very simple, it allows to access subconscious mind and then it gives a response to our muscular system, strong if it is true to us and weak if it is not true.

To use method of kinesiology to find your limiting beliefs you need to be well hydrated and verbalize belief in a form of statement, so it give you answer yes or no. It can not give you an open answer. (for more visual examples watch my video).

There are few ways to use kinesiology. Let me share.

Standing method. You stand straight with your feet hip distance apart, knees relaxed/slightly bend. I would always suggest closing your eyes, so you aren’t getting distracted on any visuals. Then I would personally say “this is my yes” and move slightly forward and “this is my no” and move slightly backwards. In this way I also show my body which way to move. Then I would always test if it works correctly. I would say “yes yes yes” and feel where does my body move, it should move forward and “no no no” and see where it moves again, it should move backwards. You basically feel the pull like a robe from your tummy either forward or backwards. Then I like to test if it all works correct by giving statements like “my name is____”, “I’m a man/woman” etc and see where does my body move.

If it all works correct, then I’m ready to test for beliefs. I would state and say out loud a belief and see where does my body move. For example, I say “I love myself” and I move forward which is true and “I hate myself” and my body moves backwards which means no, I don’t hate myself (I’ve been working on these beliefs too).

Another way is to use a ring method. Here you use your fingers, use your thumb and index finger, connect them firmly in a form of a ring. Do not force but hold firm. Then say the same way as above “yes yes yes” and “no no no”, on yes your other hand’ finger would remain in circle and on no would “break” the circle. Test if it works correct before you test on your beliefs. If you do it on someone else you try to open other person’s fingers if remains closed it’s yes if opens it’s no.

Other way is to hold the arm sideways straight and firm, but this way only works if someone is testing you or you’re testing another person. On your own it won’t work. The same way, muscles would be strong and the arm would resist the pressure placed upon her if it’s true and accordingly weak response would be if it’s false.

What if muscle testing doesn’t work, meaning you don’t feel any pull, your body is stiff or it keeps on moving incorrectly on YES/NO? In this case you can drink a glass of water, give a gentle massage to your kidneys, shake your body, arms and legs, just so your body is more relaxed.

Association game

Another my favorite way to identify self-limiting beliefs is to use association game. Here I would always suggest to create a wheel of life and divide it into areas (money, career, love&relationships, health, friends&family, fun&recreation, personal growth, physical environment). Then you pick one area and start writing down your associations around particular word. For example, lets say money, what are the first thoughts, associations, feeling come to you when you hear the word money (or love, health, fun, etc). It can be all nice and good beliefs, like freedom, abundance, affording things you like, comfort, whatever, and …. there might be a little nasty voice on a back of your mind telling you something like it’s dangerous, corruption, greed, hardship, evil and stuff like that (these are the ones I meet most often). These negative associations are basically your limiting beliefs around that word or area of life.

There might be other ways on how to identify a self-limiting belief, but these two ways, method of kinesiology and association game, are my preferred and favorite ways to find beliefs that are no longer benefiting us.

Have a wonderful day,