Where and how do we drain our energy? I have personally noticed a lot of conversations on internet and also in particular circles of people about how to protect my energy or how to protect it from people that are draining my energy and things like that.. It all might be true, but if to think deeper around this topic, unless we are actually willing to give our energy to somebody or we have particular predisposition or belief system that is giving our energy away, no one can actually take our energy from us.

Here I want to bring some awareness what we actually might be doing on a day to day basis that is draining our energy a lot and keeps us in a state of powerlessness at the end of a day and feeling totally drained. (for full explanation please watch my video)

Whenever we stuck in regrets. When we are in our regrets we are not in a present moment and certainly not looking in a future. We are stuck in a past experience, our past drama. Being constantly stuck in that past drama won’t serve us any good. You know the saying “where attention goes energy flows”….

We give all of our focus and attention to that past drama. And in that way we give all of our energy to our past. We can’t obviously change the past but we can change our relationship to it. If you regret about mistake you can take your lesson from it, learn it, allow yourself to simply learn from your mistake and move on. If you regret about a choice, think of it differently, it brought you where you are right now, it might have brought you really amazing people, it made you a better person.

Ask yourself a question “what kind of blessing that choice that I made brought to me?” Maybe that other choice was never meant to work for you.

Another way where we drain our energy is by being stuck in a vortex of negative emotions. Feeling resentful towards another person or ourselves or some place, and being stuck in these feelings will drain our energy. What attract what we feel. The same goes to other low vibratory feelings like shame or guilt, rejection. For resentment what you can do is to practice forgiveness on a daily basis, even if you’re are not able to forgive from your heart yet, practicing forgiveness daily at some point will create a click and it will happen naturally.

For feelings of guilt or shame, start investigate what makes you feel that emotion, why do you feel it. Maybe you was manipulated as a child, maybe there is a trauma stored and is triggering you. What is that shadow side? Start investigating and releasing it. Any action is much better then no action.

Being stuck in doubts, in a state of indecisiveness, is like being in limbo. When in doubt I use my inner voice, I sit a meditate (meditation, walk, dancing, anything to relax), and listen to my intuition, which way my heart resonates with, not my mind. Sometimes from the mind it may seem to be logical but the heart says opposite.

Any choice would be better then hanging out in doubts. You can also ask yourself “if I do not do this choice or choose this option (choose your option) would I later regret about it?” If there is any regret coming for not doing something, I would do it so in a future I won’t be stuck in regrets.

Another way is comparison. Comparing can inspire but it can also create a lot of negative feelings. Whenever we compare ourselves we leave ourselves dis-empowered, we kill our true identity of who we truly are. By constantly comparing it gives us a desire of being like somebody else. There also can be regrets, resentments, jealousy, inner competition. This is never ending competition because we compete with ghost, with imaginary person even though that person is real.

In reality we can never become another person, have his/her experience, belief system, feelings. You are who you are. Instead of comparing work on accepting yourself. You can compare yourself only when you compare yourself with your old self, who you were 5 years ago, a year ago and track your progression. I would suggest to work with comparison and releasing that energy of comparison.

Another way we are draining our energy by doing something though resistance. What I mean by it is forcing ourselves to talk to a person you don’t want to, do things you don’t like doing (not to mix with creating new habits or having a goal at the end, more explanation is in my video). When we do it through resistance we neglect ourselves. Start delegating some jobs to others, or hire a help, or learn to say NO.

Investigate this topic, why is it so… It often has element of glory by being so cool after suffering. The bigger the resistance the bigger emotional pain will be. On top many other negative emotions are layering up. There are two ways to deal with it. First, you stop doing it, either delegate or hire someone to do it for you, or if you can’t avoid doing it change your relationship towards it.

When I had this, I was triggered a lot, I had to work hard to change my relationship towards circumstances. Now instead of seeing it negatively I see it as a blessing, it brought to my awareness many shadow sides I was not aware of, so now I have a chance to improve myself. Once you accept the fact of it you are able to see it as a blessing and see opportunities (that were always there but due to our resistance we were not able to see). Now you take the power back and can do something about it.

Have a blissful day,