I want to share with you really cool information about why we attract what we attract. I’s sure that you already familiar with law of attraction and how it works (like attracts like). The Universe responds to what we feel, not what we think or want but what we internally vibrate. Here I’m sharing the gradation of feelings in terms of its vibration based on a book Letting go. The pathway of surrender by David Hawkins.

Having awareness what you feel and what you vibrate to the Universe is a great foundation to understand yourself and start working on resolving these feeling, working on your relationships, activating energy centers, etc. In my opinion it all works as long as you stick to it and willing to change.

For more details watch full video. Chakras also have their own frequency, anything below 200 or level of courage is blocking a free flow of life force energy. Working with chakra activation will help to shift your frequency level, and vice versa, working with feelings will automatically affect chakra energy flow. I personally used many modalities, aromatherapy, crystals, breath work, sound healing, meditation (I still start my day with meditation), thetahealing (to resolve inner conflict and work with feelings and beliefs). All worked and works beautifully. Find what resonates with you.

Have a blissful day,