The Dark Night Of The Soul can be described as a state of being where we experience a lot of negative and heavy feelings and emotions. Even though everything may seem to be perfect and great in our life yet there is that feeling of everything is right but nothing’s right.

You still feel that heaviness and emotional pain even though you might be grateful for what you have. Basically dark night of the soul is a scream of our soul to let us know that we are doing something wrong, taking a wrong turn, we are falling out of alignment with our authenticity and sense of purpose.

How do we know if we going through the dark night of the soul? It is very similar experience when we have depression yet it is no a depression. There is a very fine line between these two.

Whenever you experience depression please don’t hesitate to see a professional, sometimes a simple treatment can do a big deal.

Symptoms of the dark night of the soul

The difference between dark night of the soul and depression is that depression can be treated medically when dark night of the soul can’t be; during dark night of the soul you might still be active and social and may even feel gratitude when during depression it’s on a contrary.

What can you do to break the cycle?

Often we are just a few questions away from have a joyful experience in life, all we need is complete honesty and courage to live from the heart.