I strongly believe that we all have intuition and intuitive abilities. and everyone can have it, all you need is to really tune into your intuition, tune into your inner voice. There are few things which I personally find to be cruel when it comes to intuition, they tend to really block our intuition and intuitive abilities.

Energy blocks 

First we may have some energy blocks in our energy centers, also known as chakras. Every chakra can be presented as a level of our evolution, level of our perception and is responsible to certain things in our life, certain emotions and it has its own qualities. All of our chakras are very important. If there is some energy blocks in our chakra system that can disturb and even block our intuition and intuitive abilities.


Fear and fear based beliefs. You may fear of the outcome, or that you won’t be accepted in a society or by the loved ones because of your intuitive abilities and your intuition. This can block you from from being intuitive. Some of the fear may not even come from this life time but from time when people who were intuitive they were called witches and they were tortured, burned alive, beheaded, followed by other people. And these believes can relate to both men and women. The energy of that fear of being harmed because of your intuition and intuitive abilities can still come and be present through the generations up to the present moment.

Negative emotions

Negative emotions are literally dropping our energy and vibration down, they are dragging us down, they distribute our energy in a chaotic directions and making us feel not good, which blocks our intuitive abilities. For example, a very strong emotions that blocks our intuition is resentment. Once we hold resentment towards someone or towards ourselves, it not only resentment, we tend to accumulate with it a lot of grudges, anger, hatred, sadness. All of these emotions are pulling us down, and they also tend to create a lot of imbalance in our chakra system, and can even block some of our chakras, which can block our intuitive abilities and intuition.

Another example is regret. Whenever we regret for something we’ve done in a past, or haven’t done in a past, our mind tends to stuck in that past moment and have that situation as a replay in our heads in a multiple interpretations. This tends to pull us from the present moment into the past where we are getting stuck. And this is not letting us to really stay present in this moment, doesn’t let us to fully enjoy and live with a joy and be in a present moment which also in a way blocks our intuition and intuitive abilities.


Placing expectation is a very strong energy that blocks us from our intuition and intuitive abilities. As intuitive you may have these expectations like you have to be able to see things, be really clairvoyant. For clairvoyance you may place these expectations like you have to see with your inner eye everything that way it’s presented by media or in movies, which is far from being true. You may also place expectation of the outcome or the accuracy you’re getting.

The expectation itself when it comes to intuition works like a noise, it’s similar to switching the radio wave when in between the stations you may hear some noise coming out. So that is like expectations are working, they create this noise in our intuition, which may not let us fully receive the information with accuracy. Once you let go of expectations, you need to be open to receive the information that is coming to your in any possible way, which may come in different ways. It can come through clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairolfactance, though prophetic visions, it can come in many different forms and ways. So you really need to be open to receive this information in any way it’s coming to you. And the Universe is not stupid, the Universe is very smart, it will never give you intuitive information in a way or form that you’re not able to digest it or receive it.

Chattering in the head

When we have all this extra chattering in our heads, these ideas, or to-do lists and so on. This noise and thoughts are blocking us from our intuition and intuitive abilities. Really good way to calm down all of that chattering is through the meditation. When you meditate you calm down all of that chattering in your head, which lets you to have more clarity, more calmness, more control over yourself, more space, and it will naturally open your intuition and allow you to receive all that information by sensing it, feeling it, seeing it in a highest and best way for you.

Have a beautiful day,