We all have intuition and certain intuitive abilities. Some people are more attuned with their intuition and some are less. But we all have it. Opening and developing our psychic abilities may take a bit of practice, which is fun to do.

There is a great exercise you can do to tune into your intuition, develop psychic abilities, and surprise yourself about your own powers. The exercise is about reading ghost or energy imprints from the item. It may be a bit confusing, talking about myself, I always used to think that doing such exercise I need all of my senses to be strong and really have all of these psychic abilities sharpened. In reality this very exercise helps to develop and sharpen these abilities, and even discover some which you thought you don’t have.

For the exercise you will need to have an item, which you’re not much knowledgeable about, something that is unfamiliar for you, so you don’t mix your knowledge with the information that is coming to you and don’t place certain expectations. Ideally is to borrow some item from your friend, and later you can also discuss what came to you with your friend and compare how accurate it is. With time you will be able to receive more information and more accurately interpret it.

While holding the item you can receive information in many ways, so be open to receiving it. Later more of your intuitive abilities will open and you will be receiving the information via all of your senses. When I was starting practicing I only had clairsentience, as I thought, but with practice very fast other abilities opened up in me, I started hearing the messages, seeing pictures, just knowing it, sensing it.


Hold an item and go into meditation, close your eyes, take a deep breath, center yourself, visualize the energy from the earth is coming through your spine up to the crown chakra, and the same energy or  white light is coming from above to your crown chakra, visualize that you’re in your energy bobble and the item is within the bobble, you become one. Start feeling the item and listening to what it says to you.

You may start receiving information in many forms so be open to it. You may start feeling it, for example, it’s female or male energy, there is a feeling of sadness or joy here. Write down on a paper what is coming to you. You may see it in images, or like 1 or 2 second movie segment in your head, you may feel it, know it, hear sound or music or message, see written words, signs or symbols. Write down all that comes to you.

Once you finished you can go through what you wrote down, it may or may not make sense, don’t worry about it. You can discuss it with whoever gave you that item, to compare and to see if the information you received resonates with that person and how accurate your reading is. The more you practice more fun it becomes and more attuned you become with your intuition and and your natural psychic gifts. And of course the more accurate your reading becomes.

Have a beautiful day,