Pendulum is fantastic when it comes to reading energy, especially our chakras. And it’s one of my favorite ways to check on the energy flow. Let’s discover how to do it and how to program the pendulum to get correct results.

Usually before starting to use pendulum I like to meditate with it for 5-10 minutes just to feel the energy of a crystal and get myself more acquainted with it. Afterwards I program the pendulum.

To start with, either mentally or aloud say to pendulum “on yes move vertically” and show to the pendulum the vertical move by actually swinging it in a vertical direction. Then say “on NO move horizontally” and swing the pendulum in a horizontal move. After ask your pendulum to show you YES and to show you NO. Hold it in your hand still, and wait until it starts moving. If moves correctly it means its talking to you and you can program it farther.

For reading chakra energies, program your pendulum in a similar way. 

Say “pendulum if the chakra is open and functioning optimally move in clockwise direction” and show the movement to your pendulum.

“If chakra is fully blocked move anticlockwise direction” and show the movement to pendulum by swinging it anticlockwise direction.

“If chakra is partially blocked stay still” and show it by letting it stay still.

Then you ask your pendulum to show you open and fully functioning, blocked and partially blocked chakra. You may need to wait a few seconds before the pendulum starts moving.

Sometimes you may see a vertical movement of a pendulum which would indicate that there is a conflict between changes that are happening and thought process; horizontal movement would indicate the conflict between spiritual and actual needs. Sometimes we can even see pendulum making small round movements and moving in a clockwise direction in a big round, this would mean that there are new changes in your life which are happening in a positive direction for you; and if the same movements happens anticlockwise direction these changes are happening in a negative direction for you.

To summarize, if pendulum moves: 

If you use pendulum to read chakras on someone, hold it just above the area where the chakra is located. If you use it on yourself, you can either do it on a picture of chakras or simply ask your pendulum to show you the energy flow of a specific chakra. I would suggest to start from the root chakra and go through all chakras.

Have a beautiful day,