Aura is an interconnected energy field that surrounds and extends beyond our physical body, it has several layer also known as energy bodies. The way I personally see aura, is that it has different shapes, different colors or layers of colors, it can also have one predominant color and can also change its color and texture through the time, and it can also look like rays of light coming out of your body.

Some people can easily see the aura, some people may not see the aura and some people can actually see it but may not be even aware that what they see is aura.

What happen to me is that I was able to auras randomly here and there on myself and other people from childhood but I haven’t been realizing that it was aura up to recent years when I was deeper introduced to the concept of aura and realized that what I was and am seeing is actually auric field. 

So how to see the aura? It’s pretty simple but it does take some practice. More you practice easier it becomes. You can do it on your own with a mirror and white or plane light colored background which doesn’t overwhelm your eyes. Or with a friend with a same type of background which doesn’t overwhelm eyes.

When you sit in front of the mirror with a light background you stare at yourself without blinking at the area of your third eye chakra or your eye or anywhere on your body but slightly on a side. Keep staring without blinking till the vision becomes blurry and then you will see sort of light transparent shadow 2-4 fingers wide extending from your body in your natural body shape. It’s your energy body. Once you blink the picture will disappear but you start over. With time and practice you’ll be able to hold the vision on the energy field for longer period of time as well as it will start expending itself for a large distance from the body and you’ll be able to see aura, its colors, shapes, texture. 

I’d personally suggest to practice it with yourself and mirror and also with your friend, just so you get use to different experiences, because your aura and your friend’s aura would vary in its shape, color, texture.

I remember when I first vividly saw the aura and that was my realization that what I’m seeing is aura. I went to a group meditation, even though I like doing it at home early morning by myself, but I really like that specific meditation teacher. The room was filled with soft candle light and some incense was burning. We did s very gentle yoga based on a breath but with eyes closed, which incredibly sharpens intuition, and we finished with classical meditation. After I opened my eyes I literally had very hard time focusing on the teacher as I was mostly seeing his aura so vividly, and whenever his hand would move the energy would be moving with him. It was incredible experience.

Some tips from me that I find helpful to enable the ability to see auras is #1 you need to believe that you can see the aura; #2 meditation is incredible for intuition, opening and aligning chakras, centering, calming, clearing mind; #3 you can use tools such as crystals or essential oils which are fantastic for enhancing spirituality, deepening meditation, working with energy centers, or use sound which is also grate for the same purpose and readily available.

Have a beautiful day,