I wanted to expend a bit on the topic of aura and talk about the colors that can be seen in auric space, their meaning and how to connect to these colors in order to read them.

When we talk about the aura, it can be compared to the whole universe combined in just one small space. In the auric space you can find all sorts of information. You can see someone’s thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, feelings, gifts, talents, potentials, you can see what is influencing the person currently or has been influencing from the past, you can see the past, the present, the future potentials of a person and things like that. You can see what’s going on on a mental, emotional, physical level.

It’s a huge spectrum of information that can be found in someone’s auric space. And of course when we come to that kind of information and not to get lost it’s always good to have clear intention on what exactly you’re looking for. Keep in mind that information may come in a variety of forms, including colors.

If to take the spectrum of colors, each color has its own shade, tonality, texture, and all of these unique expressions of colors, depending on context, will deliver to us a very unique information.

Black may be associated with death or something that is traumatic happening or about to happen to a person, some danger. I want to stress it out, it only may be associated with death. It’s also associated with something that is unknown on its nature. It can represent that a person is making a choice from some subconscious beliefs or is being influenced by something that is unknown to him/her, something from outside, beyond the awareness. It can also be associated with evil, dark energy. black magic and black magic arts (regardless if the person believes in it or not). It can also tell us that the person him/her self might be involved in such kind of magic arts and it may be associated with something that is very mysterious in its nature, either a person is very mysterious or that the person is hiding something from the outside world. It may be associated with something that is influencing him/her beyond his/her will (like bad wishing, black magic etc). If you see the color black flashing or being present around particular body part it can indicate that the person either recently had or currently has some physical trauma or dis-ease.

Brown is associated a lot with everything that is earthy nature, with grounding, practicality, some levels of pragmatism, and with business-like minded people. It can tell us that the person has generous nature. However, if brown is dull or marky and has reddish undertone, can indicate that person has greediness issues or may have self-serving mentality, for example I’ll do this if that benefits me, or I’ll be friends with you if that friendship benefits me.

Red can tell us that the person is very energetic, has lots of strength, courage, motivation, passion (not only sexual but passion in life). In it’s negative expression it can tell us that the person has temper issues, aggression, rage, revengeful. If dull and mixed with brownish undertones – revenge or accumulated resentments, tendency on holding onto grudges, feeling of discouragement, lack of energy and vitality, lost passion in life or greediness.

Metallic or brass color is usually not present in big quantities, can tell us that person believes in false truth, being held by illusion. When comes in flashes around dominant color can tell us that the person has foundational ingredients that allows to fully express the qualities of the dominant color.

Grey is associated with mysterious, charm, charisma. If dull it indicates about sadness, depression, fogginess in thinking, confusion, fears. When mixed with black I often see it as an indication that person has grief or is going through the grief process, and all emotions and feeling associated with grief. It also may tell us about the lack of following through, unreliable person. When mixed with green, it indicates about deceit; blueish grey – fears towards religion or religious beliefs.

Orange is often associated with creativity, joy, passion, sensuality, sexuality, inspiration, ability to balance masculine and feminine aspects, charm, desires. Shadow side, when orange is dull and foggy, mixed with brown may indicate on apathy, lack of motivation, inspiration, joy, desires. Golden orange, when vibrant and clean may indicate that person has good self-control. When golden orange is dull it may tell that the person has too much of self-control and is unable to express desires, enjoy life. Dull reddish orange – may tell about pride issues, selfishness, easily influenced by others and easily hurt, oversensitive in negative way.

Yellow often is associated with thoughtfulness, confidence, motivation, encouragement, personal growth, personal development, self-worth, ability to teach or deliver the knowledge or inspire to seek for the knowledge. When dull (shadow side) it can tell that person may be superstitious, impractical, inability to finish tasks. Pale vibrant yellow may tell that the person has high intelligence, mental abilities, spiritual perceptions.

Rose color can tell us that the person has taste of beauty, aesthetics and is able to recognize and appreciate the beauty; and is very artistic in nature; has a lot of humility towards others. Shadow side (dull color) can tell us that the person has difficulty in appreciating beauty, lack of humility.

Coral color can tell us that the person is about to discover his/her gifts and talents, that something new is about to emerge within that person related to his/her unique talents.

Green color is associated with healing ability, nature and connection to nature. Talking about healers, not only shamanic healers but anyone who is either personally involved in medicine, who is healing people through traditional and non traditional medicine, or even people who might not be personally involved into healing arts but have a tendency that when other people are present in their space they find their healing. It can also tell us that the person has gone through some kind of self-development, has a lot of independency, versatility, adaptability, flexibility in life, or that the person has ability for helping people and is very generous and altruistic in nature. Blue-green can tell us that the person is seeking for motivation, self-development or personal growth, or is already on the journey. It can also tell us that the person has huge desire for helping others, saving and preserving nature. Deep sea green color can tell that the person has very spiritual nature and is living life through spiritual perception. Shadow side, when dull, especially mixed with olive undertone, may tell about envy, jealousy, or if it present around particular body part it may indicate on energy stagnation that is causing discomfort on a physical level. When green is in general dull and lacking of vibrancy it can tell us about perfectionism in negative way, being easily overwhelmed by emotions, or that the person is seeking for some sort of perfectionism which is unrealistic in its nature.

Blue color is often associated with spirituality, spiritual wisdom, truth, trust, patience, creativity and art through sound and more of verbal expression, expression related to ethereal or sound, that which we can not tough or taste. It is also associated with confidence, charm, communication. Pale blue may indicate that the person is just starting his/her spiritual path. Deep vibrant blue can tell us about spiritual awakening. Shadow side, when dull and cloudy, may tell us that it’s hard to express him/her self or ideas, arrogance, spiritual or religious arrogance, judgement, idealistic person, or idealizing people.

Pink color can be associated with influence of love, romance, romantic and emotional affections, divine love. Also it can tell us that the person has young spirit. Shadow side (dull and cloudy) indicates on some level of immaturity.

Purple color is associated with high vibration, high ideas, spirituality, mindfulness, ability to create visions (in life), spiritual development, wisdom, intuition or sharpen intuition, psychic abilities, with ability to master virtues in life through self-mastery.

Indigo color is associated with high spiritual ideas and nature, high vibration, intuition, ability to perceive things beyond the visible, ability to mentor others, strong connection with his/her soul or higher self. Shadow side (dull, marky and cloudy) may indicate that the person is disconnected with him/her higher self, lost sense of purpose or has difficulty finding place in life in general.

Violet color is also associated with a lot of spirituality, spiritual attainment, connection to higher self or soul, higher realms, higher states of consciousness, ability to live life from the higher state of consciousness. That the person has ability to facilitate the healing through higher realms, for example, similar to color blue, person may facilitate angelic healing, reiki healing etc. Shadow side (dull, lack of vibrancy) may tell us that the person is feeling lost and disconnected, unable to find that connection and harmony within.

Silver color usually would come in flashes and may indicate that the person is very materialistic, realistic, charming. Shadow side – sadness in particular area in life or disconnection in some area in life, depression, fears.

White color represents the idea of oneness, complete harmony, sense of oneness. It may represent innocence, pure intentions, may tell us that the person has divine connection and allows that divine force or energy to be expressed through him/her, complete surrender to the Universe. This color can be tricky, if you see auras and training yourself to see auras, you would see 2-4 fingers wide white light around the silhouette of a person, that is the energy body, that’s not the white we are talking about. Once you keep on looking and allow other colors to be present, they will start appearing beyond these 4 fingers in a bigger space/distance. When the crystal white is present there then these definitions can be applied. Also if you see through your inner eye, you can clearly see the white color in auric space.

Gold color is also talking a lot about spirituality and wisdom, that the person has the level of understanding and wisdom, that the person is way mature regardless of the age. It may also tell us about holiness or mastery of particular virtues or qualities that allows that person to seek and express these ideas and gain that kind of level of wisdom.

These are the foundational basic understanding of the colors that can be present in auric space.

How to connect to these colors and seek for deeper information

You can talk to colors same way you talk to a person. Just ask questions. Through the meditative process (minute 30 in a video for detailed description) with intention you connect to the colors and with clear intention on what exactly you’re looking for, ask questions like “What are you talking? What are you unfolding? What is the message that I can share about this person? etc… Allow with your intuition whatever feelings or words are coming to you to be expressed through you. It may come as thoughts, knowing, feeling, sounds, words, mental pictures…

You can write it down using automatic writing, or you can gather information as much as you can hold on to, take a pause and write it down in a journal. This way you can always come back and reflect and compare and see how accurate that it. This also will help you to train yourself to memorize and understand which colors are bringing which information, what do they mean to you, how do they look to you, tonality, texture. So with practice you can learn your own definitions through your personal perception what these colors tell you, meaning and deeper understanding of each color.

Have a wonderful day,