I knew little to nothing when I first started using Copaiba essential oil but yet I felt in love with it. I intuitively felt that it’s a very gentle but very potent oil and I had the need to learn more about it in order to use it with maximum benefits.

That’s when my journey with Copaiba started, 2 years ago if to be more precise. I opened my books/encyclopedias on aromatherapy and started reading. In addition I did my personal research about it. I learned a bit of chemistry to understand it better as well. My natural curiosity always does it to me.

Copaiba originally comes from South America continent. Unfortunately we have not much information regarding it’s benefits and potency, perhaps because it’s less known in other parts of the world. It’s been used for years by indigenous people of the Amazon region for its medicinal properties and is a ultimate part of the traditional healer’s pharmacopoeia. Copaiba is one of the most safe essential oils in a list and so far has no contraindications known (according to Valerie Ann Worwood).

So, from personal practice I want to share with you how I like to use Copaiba in my daily life and what I find to be really good about it.

  1. Respiratory support. It’s very gentle in its actions and yet is very good, as I personally noticed, for supporting healthy respiratory functions. Each time I, or my kids, have cough, I add a drop or two to a tablespoon of carrier oil, mix it and apply as a rub on a chest area to help our body naturally deal with the cough. I find it to be very calming, usually it takes about 30 mins for my kids to get back to sleep. Similar benefits I find with Frankincense essential oil, but Copaiba is way more affordable. It’s a great addition to a natural remedy home kit.
  2. Sore throat. I personally find if very effective and soft in it’s actions to help me naturally deal with sore throat by mixing a drop of Copaiba with one teaspoon of honey, then adding warm boiled water, mixing it again and gargle. This provides me a big relief and helps to speed up recovery process.
  3. Oral health support. In a similar way mixing Copaiba with honey and then adding water, or just mixing it with coconut oil to use as a mouth wash is a great way to support healthy gums (I personally have gum issues sometimes and this helps me a lot, especially in S.O.S. situations)
  4. Healthy skin support. Copaiba essential oil is known to have astringent qualities (due to its chemistry) which makes a great addition to your skin care routine. It may help the skin to look firmer and tighter in a natural way. Can also be beneficial to use for helping to reduce the appearance of scars and to improve the appearance of a saggy skin on a long term use.
  5. Pain relief support. Naturally high in b-caryophyllene compound which is known to have anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and analgesic properties Copaiba is also great to be used with traumas, joint pains, muscle pains, headaches. I had an ankle pain after the wrong jump during my exercises and I find it to be pretty helpful, even though naturally I tend to reach for other more powerful oils.
  6. Immune system support. Coming back to the main compound b-caryophyllene which is known as immunostimulant. Diffusing copaiba essential oil is good for naturally boosting our immune system.
  7. Emotional support. Copaiba essential oil has very soft, warm, honey-like, comforting aroma. It’s very relaxing and grounding. I love to use copaiba whenever I feel stressed out or nervous, or when I feel emotional tension, especially when kids are very slow and we have time frames. Also I find it to be very beneficial in times of feeling shame or guilt. It works best for me to inhale it couple of times deeply from my palms or to use in roll-on bottle which I have a habit to make it myself.
  8. Spiritual practices. Copaiba is great for meditation and slow yoga practices. It helps to calm down a busy mind, release the past and be present at the moment. It resonates with several chakras, root/muladhara which is responsible for our survival and support, sacral/svadhisthana – relationships, creative power, sexuality and solar plexus/manipura – personal power, self-esteem, will. From energy point of view copaiba is very balancing, grounding, protective, expansive and purifying essential oil. It aids clarity, understanding and reconnecting within ourselves. It helps to reestablish a self-love and self-worse.

These are the most common uses of copaiba essential oil for me on day to day life. I hope this information will help you to be more creative with its uses or inspire you to start using this really amazing essential oil.