Hey, hey!!! If you love oils the way I do and want to know how to get the best out of it, there are few books which I personally find to be extremely valuable and recommend to anyone to have. It can help you to start freely and safely using essential oils daily, or deepen your knowledge and understanding the use of essential oils for mental/emotional health, or enhance your spiritual journey.

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The Complete Book Of Essential Oils by Valerie Ann Worwood. This book contains more then 800 recipes for making your own natural and non-toxic products. It covers literally all possible uses of essential oils on a daily basis. She talks a lot about how to use oils for our health, how to even treat certain health issues, support our emotional health, how to use oils for beauty care for skin and hair. She has a separate chapter dedicated to child’s health, starting from the very little babies through the stages of their growth up to adolescent. How to use oils with kids according to certain health condition or their age group. She covers also our female health and how to support it with aromatherapy, male health, how to support our emotions with aromatherapy. It literally has everything you need to know about using essential oils in your life from the perspective of natural medicine.

Encyclopedia Of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless. She has many essential oil profiles, where shes also describing them how they can be used on a daily basis. Great book, but it’s more for people who want to learn more about the aromatherapy and essential oils itself, deepen their knowledge and is very handy to have near by to check on specific oil. As for the very beginner who is only interested in how to use aromatherapy in a simple way on a daily basis I’d recommend to go for the previous book, The Complete Book Of Essential Oils as it has everything inside.

Aromatherapy For the Soul, previously published as Fragrant Heavens, by Valerie Ann Wordood, is amazing book which describes how essential oils work on energetic level, in spirituality, in different shamanic works, how they can affect the auric field, working with chakras, energy cleansing, using essential oils for meditation to connect with Angelic Realms, for channeling. She also give there essential oil profiles from their spiritual perspective.

Aromatherapy For Healing The Spirit by Gabriel Mojay is a fantastic book with a lot of valuable information on how to restore the harmony in our body, mind-body-spirit, by using aromatherapy. As a base he takes here the Chinese system of 5 elements, yin/yang, meridian points and energy Qi (chi). He shows the connection with excellence, how it all works, in his essential oil profiles he describes the oil itself and how it works and affects our whole body by activating the energy flow in our subtle body. As well he’s covering how to restore the balance in our body by using aromatherapy in practice #aromatherapyformindbodyspirit

Subtle Aromatherapy by Patricia Davis. This book is about using essential oils on a subtle energetic level, how to use oils, how it affects our energy field, aura, working with chakras, using essential oils for meditation, for inner work, how to combine them with crystals, energy cleansing. She’s giving here also very good spiritual profiles of essential oils and how to use them safely. Fantastic book for anyone interested in energetic aspect of essential oils, energy healers or who wants to get their spiritual practice to a new level.

The Healing Intelligence Of Essential Oils by Kurt Schnaubelt. In this book the author is showing us how essential oils are working and affecting our body from more scientific point of view, he explains everything with a great ease, also covers a lot of essential oil profiles and share some practical uses of essential oils for supporting our health in a natural way. I personally think that this book is great to have for everyone, however I feel like its for people who are more interested in deeper understanding of essential oils.

Fragrant Mind by Valerie Ann Worwood. This book is focused specifically on emotional and mental effect of essential oils and how it can help us to support a healthy emotions, easing emotional traumas, using aromatherapy to help with depression, grief, promoting good and positive emotions, uplifting the mood, reducing fatigue, improving our mental focus, enhancing memory. How to utilize essential oils in hospitals, schools, office, or at home for a specific purpose.

Aromatherapy For A Healthy Child by Valerie Ann Worwood, a must have book for every mother who’s using essential oils with kids. Here the author is describing how to practically use essential oils with kids with different age group, starting from the first day of life. She’s talking here how to safely use essential oils with kids and babies, which oils can be used and when, which should be avoided, how to support a health of your child in a holistic way, how to make natural products for kids, covering the carrier oils and how to use them with kids, as well as mentioning hydrosols to use with little babies.

I hope you find this helpful. To be honest I put a lot of value in these books and find them to be a must-have for anyone who want to know more on how to use essential oils at home by maximizing their benefits, and for anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge or even learn and understand deeper the power of aromatherapy.

Of course these are not all of the books, just a few that I wanted to talk about today, I will be covering more books in the future once I finish reading them.

Have a beautiful day,