Grounding…. We tend to spend too much time in our heads, we analyze things, think or worry about the future possibilities, or getting stuck with our thoughts in a past, sort of reliving it over and over again, or thinking about what I could’ve done different and so on. We may also go through some major changes in our lives like changing a place, changing a job, moving to a new town or country.

All that can create a sense of instability and insecurity in our life. And that’s when we really need to get grounded, bring ourselves back to the earth, calm down and gain our sense of inner stability.

There are many ways how to get grounded. However, I want to share my 7 most effective and powerful essential oils for grounding.


This oil has earthy and musty aroma, it comes from the root of a plant, and it’s extremely grounding, balancing and calming essential oil. It helps us to rejuvenate from the inside and release the tension from our heads, to calm down and find sense of inner stability.


This oil comes from the root of a plant, it is very strengthening. I find it very helpful when I stay in a doubt, when I have fear about taking action or can’t find inner power to make a choice. I find Ginger to be very helpful for me to take actions and regain my inner power and sense of stability in my life.


I love its sweet balsamic aroma, it helps to quiet a busy mind, each time when multiple thoughts keep on popping up in a head and you can’t get rid of them. And it’s also very calming, balancing and grounding. It helps to stay focused and centered.


Its very centering and balancing essential oil as well as highly spiritual. I love using it during the meditation, to quiet the mind, get more centered and focused, and really get grounded. Sometimes we may luck of mental clarity with can create a lot of inner instability and Sandalwood is very helpful here.


It has very mild honey-like aroma. I find it extremely helpful to diffuse or include in my blends when I tend to worry too much about the future and expectations, which creates a lot of tension in my head. I find Copaiba helpful to ease the sense of worry and tension, which helps me to bring back the sense of stability and ground myself.


I love its fresh coniferous aroma which is so refreshing to the busy mind. This oil is perfect when you tend to think or holding on the past, which you can’t possibly change. Diffusing Cypress is great to, mentally and emotionally, just let go of that past, and continue your life’s journey.


This essential oil has very musty and earthy aroma, it is very grounding and is perfect when you tend to create too much illusion for yourself, kinda living in a dream, denying or not noticing the reality. When we live more in our imaginary world, which of course doesn’t much match our life and can create sense of instability. Patchouli is very helpful to help us to get back to the common ground.

Diffusing these essential oils regularly is very beneficial if you tend to feel ungrounded pretty often, or when going through a changes in life which make you loose the sense of inner stability and security. Also you can add them in your body oil, body lotion, make a roller ball blend which I find to be very convenient for topical applications and on the go.

I wish you a beautiful day