Everything is energy. But does everything or everyone carry a good energy for us? Every single day in a modern life we go somewhere, meet other people, communicate with our family members, etc. That’s a part of our living, we can’t stay totally isolated. Each time we talk to somebody, shake hands, stay around some people, we exchange energy.

I already wrote an article how to cleanse the negative energy, here I want to focus more on energetic aspect of certain essential oils, which are known to be a very powerful psychic cleansers. These oils are excellent tools for cleansing crystals and stones from negative energy, cleansing auras, our energy body, our home and to protect ourselves and family from negative energy.

Angelica is known as an oil of the Divine and Angels’ oil. It connects us with our angels and spirit guides, divine consciousness. However it’s not just that. This essential oil also helps to cleanse the aura and energy body from the negative energy and helps to release unwanted spirits, let go of the negative patterns, and protect us from the influence of negative energy.

Eucalyptus essential oil acts on energetic level in a similar way as on physical. It cleanses and purifies any space from the negative energy. Excellent to diffuse it around the room or a place where tensed energy from the conflict, argument or fight is present, or in general is felt as a negative energy.

Fennel is known as a protector against witches and evil spirits, and to avert the evil eye. You can diffuse it in a room, apply a small amount around your solar plexus (Manipura) chakra, to cleanse the aura put a drop on your palms, rub your hands and gently move them around your body without touching the body, just where the aura would be.

Hyssop is long time known as a cleansing herb. Hyssop essential oils is powerful for cleansing the space of negative energy and is fantastic to be used in blends for psychic defense. Due to its very strong properties it’s better to use it in tiny amounts (1-2 drops) or even add it to synergy blends. Should be avoided during pregnancy, nursing or if have high blood pressure or epilepsy.


Juniper is a very powerful oil to cleanse our energy body, our aura, our home, crystals from all type of negative energy. It helps to remove the stuck negative energy which were there for a while. It can be used in a diffuser, inhaling directly from the palms, used in a cleansing bath (1-2 drops for spiritual cleanse), added to blends. You can also place a drop on your palms, rub them and smooth your hands around your body or other person’s body on a distance to purify the aura from negative energy.

Lavender is extremely versatile essential oil. Aside of its benefits it is also a great psychic cleanser. It cleans the negative energy both from the energy body to home. It can be used in any possible way, from diffusion to mists, bath, roll-on blends, auric massage.

Myrtle is a good oil to add to cleansing blends. Even though this oils itself is not the strongest for purifying from the negative energy itself, but it is great for helping to move the energy and attract the love and positive energy, it’s helpful to remove the bad energy left from the unhealthy relationships or arguments.

Pine is very protective essential oil and helps to create a barrier from psychic negative energy attacks and influences. It is very good oil to be used by highly intuitive people and by empaths, who can feel the energy and emotions of other people and be influenced by it easily.

Rosemary essential oil is a very powerful psychic protector, it is believed in medieval times to keep away evil spirits. Rosemary helps to awaken our spiritual consciousness, develop psychic abilities and is very closely related to the Ajna (Third Eye) chakra. It’s better used in mornings due to its stimulating properties, rather then night time. Also it helps to rise our frequency.

Sage is a go-to oil for energy cleansing purposes, it is good for cleansing your home, your energy field, crystals. It is also very protective. Sage is long time associated with Wisdom, suitable for meditation and visualization. It can be used in all its forms from smudges to essential oil. This oil is very strong and should be avoided during pregnancy or nursing.

Palo Santo is used to purify bad and negative energy and to deflect psychic attack. It is works similarly to Cedarwood and Sage, and is traditionally used by shamans. It can be burned as wood sticks or in a form of essential oil.

According to your purpose and needs you can easily find which oil is best in this or another situation for you. Also I would suggest to try them all to see which one works best for you. However, if you do not have all of these oils at home, don’t rush to buy, use what you have first and see how it works, later you can expand your collection.

Have a good day,