Lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile and commonly used essential oils. There are many uses of lavender essential oil. But to make it simple I want to share with you 11 most practical every day uses of this amazing essential oil.

  1. Diffuse it in a room for creating a calm and relax environment, also diffuse it at evenings before going to bed to help you relax and support a restful sleep (I find it to be very helpful for calming down kids before sleep)
  2. Use it as a roll-on like perfume before bed to support a healthy sleep or whenever you feel stressed, anxious, irritable or experience mood swings for emotional support 
  3. Inhale directly or put 1 drop of lavender essential oil to your palms and deeply inhale the aroma to help you to calm down and relax, can also be helpful to ease motion sickness; you can also make an inhaler which is very easy to carry in a handbag or when travelling
  4. Use it in massage or body oil for relaxation and to reduce tension
  5. Use it in a bath to relieve tension and stress of the day, mix 5 drops of lavender essential oil with epsom salt and carrier oil to make a relaxing bath salt (especially good for tired moms)
  6. Mix it with unscented lotion to support a healthy skin
  7. Sooth mild skin burns with it by applying a drop of lavender essential oil on a burned area (mix it with carrier oil or apply neat on a small area); in case of sun burns mix it with carrier oil and apply over the sun burned skin (6 drops per 30 ml of carrier)
  8. DIY linen spray to support restful sleep, in a 50 ml glass spray bottle add distilled or drinking water and 25 drops of lavender essential oil, shake it before use, it also can be used as air freshener
  9. DIY face oil, in a 15 ml amber glass bottle mix jojoba, argan, rosehip oil and add 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil, I like to combine it with frankincense essential oil (you can check my tutorial here) to support a youthful looking skin and create this silky smooth feeling on your skin 
  10. Sooth headache and muscle tension, I love to use it in a roll-on blend in a combination with peppermint essential oil, apply it on your temples and back of your neck when you feel headache or on your neck and shoulders to help ease the muscle tension after a hard day
  11. PMS relieve, use it for emotional support during your PMS as a roll-on, inhale directly or make an inhaler to help you deal with mood swings, irritability and emotional tension; mix it with carrier oil and apply with gentle massage on your lower abdomen to ease the discomfort related to menstrual cramps

There are of course many other ways to use lavender essential oil, but these 11 uses I find to be really practical natural solutions for the healthy living.