Whenever we talk about psychosomatic issues and our physical health it always has to do with inner conflict that is not being resolved for a long period of time; about suppressed emotions that you “store” in your body. When these issues and emotions are not getting out and not getting resolved on a long period of time it starts manifesting itself as aches, pains or challenges in physical body. And of course it also has to do with misalignment with personal values and our soul.

When it comes to pain we often see it as our enemy. But.. Look at this analogy, imagine you have no pain and you stick your hand into the fire. With no painful response your hand will burn to ashes. So, that pain, even though it is uncomfortable, allows us in a fracture of a second to pull our hand out of the fire in order to save it. So you can see now that physical pain is not our enemy, it’s our guidance system which tells us that we are doing something wrong or moving in a wrong direction, or not resolving certain issues in our life.

When we have pain in our body it’s our body, not just talking to us but screaming to us that we are doing something wrong, or moving in wrong direction, or crossing our personal values, or have inner conflict that we are not resolving.

What does our back pain is telling us about?

Our lower back would often be associated with abundance issues, finances, financial support, trust issues. There you can find a lot of fears related to abundance and finances, for example, fear of loosing job, fear of not having enough, fear of not being able to financially sustain your life or provide for yourself or family. There can be some kind of beliefs like “there is not enough abundance for everyone“; or “I am poor“; “fear of being poor“. Or let’s say if a woman is married and is mostly responsible for the household and husband is the provider, and if they have relationship conflicts, woman may experience lower back pain and issues with lower back related to having fear of loosing her partner, or fear of not being supported financially, or having a belief that she can’t support herself. There can also be linked issues of trust, like not trusting yourself to be able to financially support yourself, or having abundance, having no trust in universe or life itself, that you will not be provided, or there is not enough stuff for you, etc.

Upper back and shoulders tell us about that person may have or feel a lot of obligations on making everyone happy, taking care of everyone else, nurturing everyone, saving and rescuing and holding a lot of responsibilities for everyone else, like taking all that weight on your own shoulders, and at the same time completely neglecting your own needs, basically putting your own needs and nurture at the end of the list. It’s like a rescuer archetype is kicking in in a very distorted way.

Neck often would tell us that the person might be very stubborn and inflexible in his/her views. Meaning, the person might have a particular point of view or perspective of life and even though the person might be looking and searching for some solutions or advice the person refuses to take them and sticks only with that narrow point of view. It may also be related to judging others like finding and spotting all mistakes in someone else’s life but is completely blinded on seeing his/her own mistakes.

Tail bone often would be linked to old memories form the past which are still influencing us and are related to support financial and/or emotional (mostly with family members or very close people) and have some grudges and old resentments stored which are related to that past.

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