Smudging was traditionally used for many years by our ancestors. They would use some herbs and grasses and woods which were considered to be sacred in that specific area they lived in. So it depends on where you’re living, what’s naturally growing in that region and what’s considered to be sacred.

Most commonly used smudges are from the sage, white sage, sweet grass, palo santo wood sticks, cedarwood. Also people use pine, cypress and juniper wood sticks to burn. These are the ones I personally know.

Whenever you feel like the energy in your house just doesn’t feel right, something is stagnant, or if you have some guests coming into your house, and they can be beautiful people, but they come with their own problems, they would bring all that negative energy with them. And that energy can stay in your house, so it can also be a good time for smudging.

Generally I practice smudging once a month, mostly I use essential oils for clearing the space from negative and stagnant energy. I diffuse them, make an energy cleansing spray just to keep the good vibes in the house and positive energy.

For smudging you will need to have a smudge stick (I have sage smudge and palo santo stick), candle, plate which is fire resistant and a lighter.

Traditionally from the place where I am from originally people would use a candle to identify if they have negative energy and where is it mostly located. they would burn a candle and slowly walk around the place, in case of negative or bad energy the fire would give some sparks and the smoke would start becoming black. That would indicate the location of negative energy.

To smudge there are two ways as I know. One is when you start from the East and move anticlockwise direction, east-south-west-north, in every corner. Another way is to move clockwise direction. I personally do clockwise direction, and it works perfectly fine for me. Make sure you go in every corner and clear that energy with your smudge.

Light a smudge and let it burn slightly then stop the fire to make it only give you the smoke. And start clearing the space.

To clear your aura you can use smudging as well. When the smoke is coming start with your feet, and move all around yourself, your aura, and finish at the top of your head. 

Keep the plate under your smudge just in case when the ash if falling it doesn’t drop on the floor especially on the carpet and doesn’t cause you fire. Same regarding the aura cleansing.

Once you’re done you can use the sand to stop your smudge stick from burning or just use the plate for the same purpose.

Have a beautiful day,