As an empaths we have this wonderful ability of involuntary picking up all of that emotions, feelings, thoughts, even physical sensations from other people. And take it as our own. If it’s, suppose, nice and pleasant then no problem. But most of the time that’s not a case. Most of the time we are actually picking up all of that low and dense negative energies.

We’re picking up all of that negative emotions, negative feelings, unpleasant sensations in our body. We may also pick up all of that negative thoughts and thought patterns, some free-floating negative thought-forms around the space. And then it becomes really overwhelming. We may feel very much energy depleted, like we are completely drained out of energy, we experience all of a sudden all of that negativity and we can’t even explain why and what happened. That’s because these are not ours, that what we picked up on our way from other people and places.

With that kind of experience it’s no wonder why we try to avoid crowded places, we don’ like to go to malls or spend some time with people or within crowd. This already creates tension and worry like I will go and something bad will happen to me, or I’ll get psychic attack or some psychic hooks or evil eye, or somebody will steal my energy or I’ll feel depleted or whatever else in this manner.

Imagine yourself, especially as an empath, you have all this fear based and really detrimental thoughts in your mind. If you have it in your conscious mind at least you can control them, but most of the time that is something in our subconscious mind. And it still works, it still gives out signals to the Universe to bring the situations and experiences like that into our life. Consciously of course we don’t want to have it but it all works on a subconscious level. And that’s what we have in our experience.

First of all, on a long run for anyone who’s an empath or someone who find themselves having this type of thoughts and experiences I’d really recommend to start working with your shadow self, do a belief work, find out with questions into your subconscious mind what is that core belief that you might be having that brings up on a surface all of that fear based small beliefs. And then releasing it, saying bye-bye, you’re no longer serving me.

That is probably the best thing you can do on a long run. And then also you can’t fully depend, even though we have so many tools that are really helpful to protect your energy and yourself from being influenced by that negativity around you, you can’t give your power away and be completely dependent on that little thing. Imagine if that is not available? How will you live? You can’t be dependent continuously on a stone or essential oil or sage, even though these are wonderful tools and they are really good to use on a daily basis.

For that purpose you really need to learn, it’s like a skill, how to feel yourself safe and protected, how to go out and spend some time with other people and be kinda immune to all that negative energy of other people. Not to take it into your space, how to discern between which one is yours and which one is not yours. And then whatever is not yours or no longer serving you quickly release it from your energy field, from your space.

And that is a skill, and as any other skill it takes some time, dedication, effort to develop that skill and master it. But while we are all mastering our skills from the practical side we can use some tools on a day to day basis, which are really helpful to protect our energy and to protect us in general from being influenced by all of that negativity that we may face beyond our living space.

And here are the stone which from my practical side I find to be really very effective and also from the energy healing perspective these stones are very powerful.

The first one and the best one is Black Tourmaline. It is wonderful and very protective stone. It shields away all of that psychic attacks and psychic hooks, all of that negative energy from your space, whatever is not yours. And it also transmutes all of that negative and toxic energy into at least neutral or even positive ones. It will also transmute your negativity, including negative emotions and thoughts. And it is extremely grounding stone.

Black Obsidian and Snowflake Obsidian are working very similar. It’s also a very protective stone, it blocks all of that psychic attacks from influencing you and your energy space. It also removes negative energy that might be influencing you or it was influencing you previously. And here is a little attention: whenever you’re using it for a long period of time or working with this stone for long period of time it has a tendency of bringing up on a surface all deeply seated negative thoughts, emotions and feelings in you. Basically it brings up all your fears and shadow side on a surface just so you can work it out and make peace with your shadow side and release whatever is no longer serving you.

Black Onyx is very similar to Black Obsidian. Why I really love Black Onyx is that it protects us from all of that free-floating negative energy in a space. For example, you’re going to a coffee shop and you sit at the table. And there was a person right before you, you never met that person, but that person had really detrimental bad low dense energy, negative thoughts, thought patterns, feelings and emotions, was really pissed off and then that person left but traces of negative energy was still there. And as an empath you come and you can easily pick it up and absorb. So Black Onyx is really great to protect you from absorbing all of that energetic junk which was left over by other people.

Smoky Quartz is also very protective. It protects our energy from all of that negative energy, it transmutes and releases all of negative emotions, negative feelings and thoughts and energies which are not yours and even some which are yours. It is also a good stone to hold and even rub in your hands, it gives this feeling of extra safety, protection and security which is really essential for empaths.

Hematite is also very protective and very grounding stone. It protects from being influenced form negativity around. But mainly I love it because it’s extremely grounding stone. And we all need some grounding, we need to feel grounded, to feel secure and safe in our own skin. Hematite is probably one of the best stones for this purpose.

Labradorite helps to deflect all of the unwanted energies from affecting you also prevents your own energy from leaking. Also this stone brings awareness and discernment into understanding in which one of your emotions are yours and which ones are not yours. And this I think is very powerful, once you understand which is yours and which is not yours you can easily release what’s not yours from your space.

Pyrite is also very grounding and protective stone. When Pyrite is worn around the neck or in a jewelry it protects our auric field and blocks negative energy that might be flying around you.

Tiger Eye is also very protective and grounding, but mainly it’s very protective from psychic attacks and hooks, evil eye or anyone who’s wishing you bad.

Selenite helps to purify our aura, helps to release and transmute all of that negative energy both ours or the ones that come from somebody else or something or somewhere else. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or depleted by or influenced by the negativity of others you can easily clean your energy field with Selenite by gently moving it around your energy body and visualizing how it is purifying your energy.

Amazonite is a wonderful green stone. This is not very common stone to be included in a list of protective stones however it is. It increases our intuition and ground us. And what’s most important here is that it protects our electromagnetic field, our aura, from being influenced by geopathic stress. As an empaths we are not only getting influenced by all negative energy around us but we are also same sensitive for goepathic stress.

And this is the stone that really protects us here. Also this stone helps us to see different sides of the same problem or feeling, so we can see it from all directions and it gives us a better idea on what it is and how to deal with it. Also Amazonite is a good stone for people who like astral travels or multidimensional travels, it protects our light body from negative influence during these multidimensional travels.

You can use these stone in your jewelry, or even put small tumbled stone in your pocket or handbag and whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or being affected negatively you can hold it and rub it and feel it’s energy.

Have a wonderful day