Peppermint in no doubt is one of the most popular and commonly used essential oils. As a herb it was used by Ancient Egyptians as a ritual perfume and was one of the ingredients of their sacred incense Kyphi. In Ancient Greece and Rome peppermint was also valued a lot, it was used to scent the bath water, bedding, used in festive occasions and even worn by brides.

According to the Greek myth, the plant was named after Myntha, the nymph who was a lover of Pluto, who was changed by the jealous Persephone into the sweet-smelling herb, known as Mentha.


Peppermint essential oils is excellent when it comes to stimulating the mind, enhancing concentration and absorption of information during the study or work time, refreshing the mind when we have too much information in our heads, and in general it’s perfect oil for clear thinking.

Peppermint can help us to develop emotional and mental tolerance by helping us to “digest” certain information which on a regular basis doesn’t seem to fit into our understanding of things. It is also fantastic oil to combat mental/emotional fatigue.


On a physical level Peppermint essential oils is one of the first oils which come to mind when we talk about digestive system. It can help us in case of overeating or indigestion when applied topically (with carrier oil) over the stomach area and in some cases can be taken internally (in a capsule or diluted in honey, use mindfully). Peppermint is great oil for soothing soreness and muscle tension, aches and pains, headaches, sports traumas, aids respiration, helpful to ease nausea. For more ideas how to use Peppermint read my article 11 daily uses of peppermint essential oil.


On a spiritual level Peppermint rises our spirit to a fuller understanding and appreciation of life, it helps us to stay in a moment of Now, clean our thoughts, increase awareness, enhance receptivity, aid creativity and get us more in touch with our Higher Selves. When used in moderation it can help us to keep the alertness during the sleep time which can help us to receive the wisdom of other realms from our dreams.

Peppermint essential oil also acts upon our ego and helps to overcome the sense of pride, inferiority and supports the ethical living in our path. Peppermint is associated with Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat chakras. With its ability to clear the mind, staying in the present moment, increasing awareness and receptivity it makes peppermint a great oil for practicing mindfulness, connecting with the Fifth Plane where angelic being and spirit guides resides. In other words, Peppermint oil can be used for channeling angelic messages and connecting with our spirit guides as well as connecting with our Higher Self.

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