Have you ever woken up on a middle of a night because your little kid is crying from the earache? I just had this experience. And luckily I was able to relieve pain naturally with what I had near by.

After a lovely day spent on the beach my little daughter woke up in the middle of the night with strong earache. It was a weekend, hospitals are working but only emergency, meaning most likely painkiller and nearest appointment with a doctor after the weekend. Of course I planned to take her to see a doctor, ears are not a joke. But at that very moment my focus was on relieving the pain so she could wait till morning at least.

Since my childhood I was very much familiar with natural remedies, I sort of grew up by using mostly natural remedies. But honestly speaking I didn’t remember the proportions and didn’t want to experiment, instead I used what is more natural for me and what I’m already using for the last couple of years pretty successfully – essential oils.

No, I didn’t put any oil into the ear itself. But I did apply them around the ear area with carrier oil and gentle massage and then I also did a compress and it worked better then I was expecting. Now I can proudly say that even if I didn’t finish my official education in aromatherapy yet but the value is definitely there.

That’s what I did. At first I intuitively reached for German Chamomile and Helichrysum essential oils. I quickly mixed 1 drop of each with 1 teaspoon of carrier oil (I wanted this concentration to be rather strong in this specific case) and applied it with gentle massage around the ear up to the neck.

Then to keep it warm and not to loose its effect I made a compress. I warmed up 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a double boiler, then added a drop of lavender, put a cloth into the warm oil, squeezed, then placed it around the ear area and on top I placed a nylon and little towel to keep it warm, and tied it up around the head with a light scarf.

There is no way I’m promoting natural remedies over the conventional medicine, so don’t take me wrong here. Most probably if there would be a day time and available doctor I would rush there, but that time I still had to wait for doctor to resume his work. My only option was to help my child in any way I could and that’s what I did relying on what I already knew.