Before using essential oils for opening, aligning or balancing the energy flow in the Root chakra it’s important to understand the energy of the Root chakra and what it represents. Root chakra itself is associated with all of our basic needs, sense of security, stability, safety, abundance, sense of belonging and it’s also very grounding energy, which is essential for people who are intuitive or empath, as we tend to be very sensitive and receptive towards energies, can easily pick up emotions of other people.

Root chakra is located at the very base of our spine, it’s element is Earth and it’s all about physicality. One of the easiest ways to get grounded and work with our Root chakra is to literally go out in nature, do camping, go to the beach, walk bare feet, do gardening, dig that soil, touch the soil, put mud on your hands and just enjoy all that down to earth activities.

If you live in a urban city, or for some reasons all that is not the easiest option, I really love to work with tools like essential oils, crystals, sound. Here let’s stick with essential oils.

First we need to know if we have any energy imbalance in the Root chakra. It can be blocked, under active or overactive, which is in any case places it out of alignment. We can look here for some signs from observation. We may feel constant fatigue, tired, fears related to our basic needs, including financial fears and instabilities, we may feel very ungrounded, unstable, experience such things like possessiveness or greediness, weight issues (overeating in order to ground ourselves), or deny the physical existence, deny yourself in food in order to disassociate yourself from the earthy life. On a physical level in may manifest itself  like constipation or any kind of discomfort in our lower body.

Another way, and in my opinion is more accurate is to use your pendulum to read chakras. Pendulum will show you in your chakra is blocked or under active, but ideally I’d suggest to check all of your chakras with pendulum and write it on a piece of paper to see if how it looks like in comparison with other chakras. In that way it’s easy to see if it’s overactive (spinning with higher intensity or with a larger circle).

Energy is never stable, it’s always moving, accordingly the chakra energy is also always changing, it can change its intensity, its color, its vibrancy and texture. There are certain things which can affect the energy flow in the Root chakra, these are: travelling, moving to a new place, changing country or city, losing job or changing job, having some major events in a family.

Most of the essential oils would have more or less effect with the energy of the Root chakra, some oils are, however, are more reflecting with the energy of the Root chakra. Basically, all of the oils that come from the root part of a plant would be perfect for the root chakra, as they are naturally caring very grounding energy. Some essential oils may come from other parts of the plants yet still be very beneficial for creating a free energy flow in our Root chakra.

Essential oils that are associated with the Root chakra and which I personally also find to be very effective here are: vetiver, ginger root, angelica root, patchouli, cedarwood atlas, sandalwood, cypress, black spruce, frankincense, myrrh, copaiba, juniper, black pepper (great for stimulating and creating energy movement in case of blocked or weak energy flow).

How to use essential oils. The easiest way is to diffuse them. Another way is to make a little roller ball blend to carry with you, its very handy and easy way to apply oils, especially if you work in a office, travelling, or constantly on the move.
How to blend for energy balancing
  1. I’ve been experimenting with making blends and can now say that in terms of energetic blending the less is more. In a 10 ml roller ball bottle you don’t want to put 20 drops of essential oils, even 1 drop would work, keep it less then 10. For some reason less oils in a blend works better on a subtle level.
  2. Don’t use too much oils to blend, you don’t want to overwhelm the blend, stick with 3-5 essential oils of your choice.
  3. Use your intuition, it helps a lot. 
  4. Make sure that aroma is appealing nice to you. If you find that you don’t like how particular oil smells, don’t use it. If you don’t like the aroma it will create sense of resistance and emotional tension which will not serve you any good here. What we want is to get relaxed, get grounded and feel good, and the aroma of the essential oils and a blend is also important.
  5. To see how aromatic molecules work together, or how to mix them you can take your bottles with oils and put them together and smell from the distance, see and feel how do they smell, which one is heavier which one is lighter, just to get an idea how to combine them together.

Have a beautiful and blissful day,