Some people are born with a strong sense of intuition, also known as a sixth sense or inner voice, some people develop it over period of time. Or I would rather say, re-activating it. Everyone of us have intuition, however majority of people by diving into the life’s span with all its down to earth problems, beliefs, socially accepted rules, sort of, numb their intuitive abilities or simply don’t even want to admit that anything like that exists.

Have you ever had a feeling inside of you, when dealing with certain issue or problem, or maybe even planning a trip, but then everything looks and suppose to be perfect from outside but inside you feel something is wrong? Or maybe the opposite, everything seem like it’s out of order, it seems totally irrational and not possible, but yet you feel it’s the right thing to do and at the end it all happens miraculously right, the way you felt? Well, this is called intuition.

Through my whole life I mostly listen to my intuition, or inner voice, and when I do so it always happens right.

The thing is we all have intuition, it’s always been with us. Some people access it easier then others, in that case by doing some little exercises we can regain this ability. And that’s what I want to share with you, from my personal experience.


Yes, it may sound too obvious but it works great. Try to find a quiet place where nothing or nobody would disturb you, close your eyes and start to meditate. Do not try to resist your thoughts though, they will come, just let them come and go, without focusing on them. You can’t stop your mind from working, and you shouldn’t. Focus on your breath instead, it makes it easier. You can also use sound, on youtube you can find plenty of recordings for meditation, intuition and much more. You can also use essential oils in order to deepen your meditation or to promote a meditative state, like deepening breath, clearing your head from excess of thinking. The best time for me is early morning, also I find it way better to do on empty stomach, so my body feels light as does my mind. Start with 5 minutes and slowly increase to 20 minutes.

Chakra balancing.

Intuition is directly related to our Ajna chakra, known as Third Eye chakra. Some however relate it also to Vishuddha chakra, or Throat chakra. Ajna chakra develops and strengthens mostly during meditations, so you can meditate on that specific chakra by using sound and visualization. Also you can use essential oils for their vibrational benefits to strengthen your Ajna chakra. Diet changes may also help, meat is known to be very grounding, so following vegetarian or vegan diet will rise your subtle body vibrations and help to open your Third Eye chakra.

Listen to your heart.

Take some time for being alone, where you can stay alone with your own thoughts. Try asking a question or visualizing the situation you’re concerned about. Try not to think about it, and just feel if it right or not for you. It may not come at the first try but keep trying. Over time you will be able to hear your voice or feel the best decision. Do not add there your rational decision or your personal desire. It probably will be confusing at first to feel if it’s your voice or your desire or your mind is talking to you. Usually the very first feeling or thought is the right one.

These are the very three practices I personally did, and still do, even though from early childhood I was always guided by my intuitive feelings. Sometimes I can’t see any outcome, it may seem like there is nothing there, I may have fears, my mind, by rationalizing the situation, says it’s not possible, but I have this feeling and I go for it, and then, from outside view, nothing more then a miracle happens.

Have a good day,