Geranium essential oil is the oil of transformation, it is also extremely balancing and extremely feminine essential oil.

Also geranium oil is an archetypal oil. It represents the archetype of a mother, of a wife and of a young woman.

As an archetype of a mother geranium helps us to find these mothering, nurturing, caring, understanding and loving aspects of us. It also helps us to come to the awareness of how to discern between prizing and punishment, and how to say NO in a most gentle and loving way.

As an archetype of a wife, geranium is teaching us how to truly and genuinely care of ourselves and others, and how to respect ourselves and our personal boundaries and to respect others and other people’s boundaries. It also helps us to find the element of tactfulness and teaches us how to express ourselves and to communicate with other people in a most tactful manner.

As an archetype of a young woman, geranium teaches us to embrace feminine, and teaches us how to see and appreciate beauty around us as well as the one within us.

By being this extremely feminine essential oil, geranium helps us to awaken the Divine Feminine and to balance the feminine and masculine aspects of us. Both men and women have feminine and masculine energies within us.

With its very feminine and fluid like energy geranium helps us to align ourselves with the flow of life. It helps us to be more open and more receiving towards whatever the Universe or the life itself has to offer to us; and it also helps us to go from the state of resistance or hustle to a state of complete alignment with who we truly are and what we want.

Geranium essential oil can make a perfect oil for people like perfectionists, workaholics, people who tend to carry a lot of work related stress or these who put themselves into a very limited and narrow position which creates a lot of inner pressure.

As an oil of transformation geranium helps us to open our hearts and allows unspoken bitter emotions to come us on a surface so we can acknowledge and validate them, we can work these emotions through and by working them through we can transform them from a lower vibrational level into a higher vibrational level.

As an oil of transformation geranium here symbolically represents new beginnings, rebirth and number 9.

It also helps us to find the courage to face and accept change by seeing the positive aspects it brings.

Also geranium is one of the most emotionally balancing essential oils. It helps us to deal with stress, worry, irritability, nervousness. And especially in a combination with chamomile essential oil it’s very helpful when it comes to dealing with such issues like anger.

With its very calming and balancing effect geranium helps us to understand and validate anger, to see what triggers it and work it through in order to release the patterns which are triggering that anger on a first place or perhaps to see how we can use the energy of anger for our benefit rather then detriment.

On a level of our throat chakra geranium brings us towards new beginning, helps to work with creative expression. It helps us to see and overcome fears of self-expression. Don’t be surprised to find yourself being pulled towards creativity or expressing yourself in a very creative manner after using geranium oil for some time.

When diffusing it during meditation geranium helps us to have a look within and find our own uniqueness and embrace it with love, care and nurturing.

I would encourage you to use and experiment with geranium essential oil. And pay very close attention to your feeling, which emotions coming up on a surface to show themselves to you and how in general geranium helps your overall well-being. You can start journaling about it and then compare the day 1 and day whatever you’re using it now.

Have a beautiful day,