Frankincense is one of these essential oils which you can’t have enough. Frankincense, or olibanum, is now distilled from the resin of frankincense tree, was a very important incense and played a big role in life of ancient civilizations, from Ancient Egyptians to Roman Empire.

Traditionally frankincense has been used by Egyptians in many ways from ritual incense to cosmetic uses, in rejuvenating skin preparations and even the actual gum of frankincense tree was charred to produce the kohl which is traditionally used to paint the eyelids. And of course, frankincense was one of the main ingredient in a famous blend Kyphi.


Frankincense essential oil can help us in many ways. It can help us to calm down anxious feelings and worry, especially when we feel anxious before some big event or when we need to step out of our comfort zone, due to its ability to deepen the breath. It can help us to deal with stressful situations and to uplift the mood when we feel depressed.

Also from personal experience I can say that frankincense is simply amazing when it comes to doubt, especially self-doubt. You can simply inhale its aroma directly from the bottle, or from your palms, or put few drops in a diffuser, it will help you to think through and be more confident in yourself and your choices, to see the whole picture and analyze it from all possible angles. Frankincense can be also inhaled or diffused during the study time to keep us more focused on a task.


When it comes to more physical benefits, frankincense is a must-have essential oil for skin issues, it helps to keep our skin young and beautiful, rejuvenate and nourish the skin. It is really famous oil for treating scars, stretch marks and mature skin. That can explain why it is so often used in various face creams and lotions, serums, face masks and other beauty products. For this purposes frankincense has been used as early as in Ancient Egypt.

Apart from its cosmetic uses frankincense can help us to sooth the headache, ease the muscle tension on the neck, sooth inflammation and pains in joints, support healthy respiratory system. Quite often when it comes to respiratory system the most popular oils would be eucalyptus and peppermint, but they can be pretty strong especially around kids, but frankincense I noticed has a very gentle and soft effect, and can be used with kids (in a diluted form of course if topically or in a diffuser).


Here frankincense can be called the oil of spiritual liberation. With its calming and centering effects it helps us to go inwards and discover ourselves, who we truly are, our purpose and the meaning of life in general. Frankincense, like sandalwood, aids meditation, prayer, contemplation by deepening our breath, quieting the mind, centering us from within, facilitating concentration, creating the sense of tranquility and letting our Spirit to soar and connect with Divine.

Frankincense has the power to focus our spiritual consciousness, to set us free from the mundane or our past, to be present here and now, transcend the limitations of our conscious mind, allow our ego and higher self to work in unity, by creating the habit of spiritual self-discipline.

Frankincense has affinities with all our chakras but the most profound are with our upper chakras. On a level of our Root chakra frankincense helps us to overcome fear and depression; on a level of Sacral chakra it helps to balance masculine energy, reduce low vibrational feelings and desires and replace them with higher more meaningful ones; on a level of Solar Plexus it helps us to be more confident and deal with doubt; on the level of Heart chakra it opens it up and brings gratitude and forgiveness by releasing these heavy feelings from our hearts; on a level of Throat chakra it helps us to hold our personal boundaries, release the judgmental attitude and free our own spirit in its true expression; on a level of Third Eye chakra frankincense helps to open our mind, bring up the wisdom from within, be more attuned with our intuition; on a level of Crown chakra it helps us to set our spirit free, expand our awareness, transcend our consciousness, and connect to the Divine.

There are many ways in which we can benefit by using essential oil of Frankincense. I would encourage you to use it daily in different ways for at least a week and see how it works with you. In this way you can truly explore the power of frankincense.

Have a beautiful day,