Being an empaths myself I know what it feels like to be affected by the negative energy around us, I know what it feels like to be affected by negative emotions of other people, I know what it feels like to absorb all these negative emotions and feel confused if this is my emotion or if its coming from another person.

I have a list of essential oils which I personally find to be very effective and beneficial from practical use on a day to day basis. This list of essential oils I want to share with you today.

Whenever it comes to feeling when we are out of control from our emotions, when we are disconnected from ourselves and from the nature, when we feel like we are getting energetically ripped I love to use all of the conifer essential oils like cypress, pine, balsam fir, spruce oils, virginian cedarwood, juniper.

Pine can help to clean the environment and our personal energy and space from the negative energy, helps to raise our vibrations, to reconnect with the nature and to reconnect with ourselves. Pine helps to purify all that negative energy and helps us to create this energetic barrier to protect us from being influences by all of that negative energy.

Spruce oils I find to be very relaxing, calming, centering. They help to reconnect with our thoughts, with ourselves, with the nature and they help to purify the energy of the space around us.

Virginian cedarwood is another great oil to help with purifying the energy, helps to be more centered and feel more complete in terms of energy.

Juniper helps to clean negative energy, and this oils helps us to feel more nurtured, more creative, be stronger in terms of holding our own energy.

When we feel very uncentered, lucking of control over our lives, have a lot of distracting thoughts and emotions, we feel overwhelmed and confused I love using cedarwood atlas, hong kuai, sandalwood.

Hong kuai is very grounding, centering, calming, helps to clear thoughts in our head and gives clarity in our head and in our emotions, helps us to separate our emotions and feeling from the ones that don’t purely belong to us.

As an empaths we tend to feel very ungrounded. My favorites here are vetiver root, ginger root, patchouli, angelica root.

Angelica root helps to get grounded, helps to purify negative energy from our personal space, helps to get rid of all that unwanted energy from our personal space, auric field.

When we feel overwhelmed by emotions, ylang ylang is fantastic oil to help us to release all that negative emotions. And it’s a beautiful essential oil when it comes to healing our inner child. But don’t use it too much, as it is quite heady essential oil.

Geranium is very feminine and nurturing essential oil. Neroli and rose are very nurturing, uplifting, they help us to raise our energy and bring us into harmonious state, create sense of tranquility, very balancing. Lavender is great to create this calming, relaxing an peaceful environment.

Petitgrain is very refreshing, creative, energetically uplifting. I find it to be very powerful when we need to set our boundaries, and to hold our personal space, our energy and emotions and to create more sense of forgiveness, empathy in a healthy way.

To uplift the mood I love all of the citrus oils, they are very happy and joyful essential oils. But here is a trick, when I use citrus oils in a tiny amount I benefit completely, when I diffuse them for a short period of time I benefit, but when I overuse them I find them to be overstimulating. That makes me feel a bit overwhelmed and even irritable. So I would recommend to use them in a small amount and for limited time for empaths. Mixing them with other oils is a great choice to maximize the benefits.

You can use them by diffusing in a room, make roller ball blends (my favorite), do energy sprays, use in a bath (mix with carrier oil and you can add Epson or Himalaya salts).

As each of us is unique so does our experience with essential oils, it’s always personal. Important question here would be How does this oil make me feel like? Does it ground me me, or center, or uplift, or make me feel protected? Keeping these question in mind, I would encourage you to use your essential oils daily, and with time build up your own list of essential oils.

Have a beautiful day,