You must have heard about “evil eye“, which is believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believed that it may cause misfortune, injury or illness, so many talismans were created in order to protect your energy from the attack of evil eye. And so many ways to cleanse the bad energy from it.

However not only the evil eye can be responsible for collecting negative energy to our energy field, aura. Quite often after spending some time in a crowded place, noisy place, where different kind of energy can be moving, different people, in a closed place, shopping malls, public transport you may feel your energy level is down, you may feel drained of energy, tired, irritable.

Or you can feel you have very low energy and even stressed or depressed after communicating with some person. You might have been in contact with a psychic vampire or just someone who has negative energy and as we all exchange your energy when communicating, other people’s negative energy can also affect you.

There can be many different scenarios here about how we may get influenced with negative energies and how badly it can impact us, but I hope you’ve got my point. Simply speaking here, when we collect negative energy we may feel drained, stressed, depressed, irritable. And as a result of it we will vibrate at a lower frequency and attract similar to it situations, emotions, thoughts.

Good point here is that you can do variety of things at home by yourself in order to cleanse yourself and your home from negative energy. Whichever way you choose is entirely up to you, choose what works best for you. I will simply share different ways how you can do energy cleansing for your subtle body and your home.


Nature is great for everything, spending time with nature helps to cleanse and restore your own energy. Also by opening window and letting the fresh air and sunlight, or moon light to get in, can also cleanse your space from negative energy and charge it with positive energy. Practicing full moon meditations are also great for restoring your energy and increasing your vibrations.


Meditation is a fantastic tool not only to connect with yourself, with the divine, with higher consciousness, to align our chakras, open and sharpen our senses, but also to purify our subtle body from the negative energy and to restore the balance. You can literally do it anywhere. I personally find it very powerful to practice in a nature or in a combination with aromatherapy.


Take shower and imagine how water is flashing away all that negative energy from your body, from your aura and purifies you. You can see the result by feeling refreshed, charged up and being filled with much more positive and higher vibrations right after taking shower. You can also for that purpose take bath, swim in the sea, or even just observe the water, how it is moving (water fall, fountains), or its stillness and experience the same results.

Cleansing bath, however, is not really for washing your actual physical body. This part of personal hygiene should be done before either in a shower or bath, and after you can fill the bath for your energy cleansing purpose. You can also add to your bath 1-2 drops of cleansing essential oils, some herbs, you can light the candles and place them near the bathtub.


You can use sprays to cleanse the negative energy from yourself as well as from your house or office. Here you can use hydrosols like sage, or you can even make it yourself in no time by using pure essential oils by adding them to a distilled water in a glass spray bottle, shake it before use though (20-25 drops to 50 ml of water should do its job here)


Using aromatherapy. Essential oils are known to be very powerful psychic cleansers. You can diffuse them around the house, or even apply it on yourself in a diluted form with carrier oil, in roll-on for example, or putting 1 drop on your palms, rub your palms together inhale it deeply couple of times, then gently move your hands around your entire body without touching the body, as if you’re cleansing your aura.

This will help you to cleanse the negative energy from your auric field. You don’t need much of oil, a single drop is all you need. Best energy and psychic cleansing essential oils in my opinion are rosemary, sage, angelica, hyssop, juniper, eucalyptus, fennel (best as protection from evil eye and negative energy), lavender, pine, myrtle.


Try listen to a vibrational music, high frequency sounds, singing bowls, you can find plenty of these on youtube. You can also sing mantras, or do chanting. Combining it with meditation make it more powerful.


Use crystals to cleanse your energy and the energy of your house. Crystals have their own vibrations, like us and any other creature or thing in this world, including our thoughts, our emotions. Amethyst, black tourmaline, selenite are very powerful for cleansing negative energy.

8.Burning Incense

From old time people of different cultures used to burn incense in order to purify and cleanse the space and people’s auras. Even now when you see some religions burn incense it still carries the symbolic meaning of purification, regardless of the beliefs. Burning incense is a great way to cleanse from the negative energy, when you burn it you can carry it around the house to make sure every part is purified, also you can do so around yourself (just try not to burn yourself) in order to purify your energy field from bad energies. Try resins of frankincense, myrrh, wood chocks like palo santo, cedarwood, sandalwood, also do smudging with sage or sweet grass.

You can use one or you can combine several ways. I personally love combining meditation with essential oils and crystals, or even meditate in a nature, or next to the water. Choose what works best for you.

Have a good day,