In Chinese traditional medicine people used different types of angelica plant to treat female disorders, to promote fertility and to fortify the spirit. Due to its benefits and power it got such a strong reputation that it comes second only after ginseng. Also angelica plant was traditionally used to treat bronchitis and to aid digestion.

Agelica essential oil comes to us from two different part of the plant, from the root (this I’ll be focusing on) and from the seeds. The Latin name of angelica oil is Angelica archangelica, and it’s also kown as Oil of Angels, Oil of Holy Spirit or Oil of the Divine.

Angelica essential oil can benefit us on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Physical level 

Angelica essential oil can help us to get rid of all that toxic build up, to purify our physical body from environmental toxins. It can also help us to deal with water retention issues, helps to stimulate the blood circulation and helps us to boost our immune system. Angelica essential oil helps us to support healthy joints, support healthy respiration and support healthy looking skin. It helps us to deal with dull or congested skin and to sooth irritation.

Emotional level

On our emotional level angelica essential oil helps us to deal with fatigue and stress related conditions, helps to ease the worry, ease irritability and to release all that nervous tension.

Spiritual level 

When it comes to our spirit the beautiful energy of angelica essential oil reminds us that we are more then just a physical body. It brings back the memory of the Heaven and our heavenly mother and father. This essential oil helps us to be more in tune with our intuition, to be more intuitive naturally; it aids meditation, helps to transcend our consciousness and to reach deeper level of meditation.

Angelica helps us to connect to our Higher Self and it also facilitates the connection with different realms. It can help us to connect with Angelic Beings, connect with Spirit Guides and communicate with them. Angelica essential oil also has a strong affinity with some of our chakras.

Root chakra. Angelica has a strong affinity with our Root chakra and Earth chakra, which goes below our feet. Here angelica helps us to stay grounded, helps us to release of these fears, worries and tension related to our basic needs. That’s why I really love this essential oil because it keeps me grounded and at the same time it helps me to go beyond the physical body. And that’s also why angelica essential oil is such a good “friend” for shamans, people who communicate with spirit guides, for channelers, these who are channeling angels, for people who are facilitating angelic healing and psychic surgeries and anyone who is involved in energy healing.

Essential oils work very well with mineral kingdom. To create a more earthing effect, to be grounded angelica works beautifully with Blood stone, which also has this wonderful grounding energy.

Third Eye chakra. On this level angelica helps us to create visions, to be more visionary. Here it works in two ways. From one side angelica helps us to be able to see beyond the visible , to see the energy, to see Divine Beings, it also helps to open our clairvoyant abilities.

From the other side it helps us to create visions, for example whenever you have an idea you need to create the vision of it. Angelica here stimulates our imagination that helps to create these visions. It helps us to have our vision in life, and it also helps our manifestations, where having the vision is so essential.

Crown chakra. On this level angelica helps us to calm the mind and to transcend our consciousness, helps to connect to the Divine energy, also to connect with different realms. To connect to Angelic Realms it works beautifully with Angelite. To connect to our Higher Self or to Divine it works very well with Clear Quartz, Selenite and Green Tourmaline.

Angelica also helps us to find find our purpose, to understand and to reconnect with our True Self.

Have a beautiful day,