Today I want to share with you my favorite 5 ways how to cleanse aura.

  1. Meditation. For more then 5 years I meditate the first thing in morning. Meditation is so powerful! It helps to calm our mind, to release overthinking, to charge us with positivity. It also helps us to naturally rejuvenate our energy, to experience and to allow the energy of unconditional love enter our space and be present within us; to open up our hearts. When we open our hearts we radiate love, kindness and all positive feelings, and of course it raises our vibration. As long as we are raising our vibration our auric field becomes stronger and it cleanses (naturally it suppose to be strong and clean). Start meditating!

2. Water. Water is magical, it’s natural to our planet, natural for us. Water has memory. Whenever I have a stressful day or experience negative emotions, or feel like my energy is draining, I take shower or if I can I take a bath (ideally with epsom salt or sea salt and few drops of essential oil – my favorite thing). While taking shower visualize or feel like all that negativity and negative emotions are flashing away from you with water, and water is filling you up. Water is cleansing not only our physical body but also our emotional and energy body. You can do a small experiment, whenever you feel yourself being drained or on a negative side on emotional scale, notice how you feel yourself before taking shower and then after you take shower. Write down your observations.

3. Sound. At home I have a singing bowl which I use sometimes during meditation or just for the purpose of cleansing. It is calming, cleansing, effortless. Another thing you can do is find on YouTube sound meditation, use the one that resonates with you, that uplifts your mood. It can be any song, even pop song, as long as it creates and positive response within you, uplifting your mood. When you uplift your mood and raise your vibration, your auric space automatically cleanses and expands. Aura is very sensitive towards our feelings and emotions, and it is changing accordingly. Or you can go out in nature and just listen to the sound of it, the sound of trees and leafs, they sing.

4. Crystals. My favorite crystal to clear auric field is selenite. It doesn’t require any additional cleansing, just take a selenite wand and with stroking motion move it around your energy field, it works beautifully. Another one is rose quartz, it’s beautiful to open the heart. When your heart is open you’re resonating and vibrating positive emotions. There is no way you can feel hatred or be resentful when your heart is actually open. When your heart is open you feel unconditional love, you resonate kindness, peacefulness, bliss, joyfulness. Rose quartz is so powerful for cleansing auric space. Clear quartz also works beautifully. And another one of my favorite is amethyst. What I love to do is to lay down and place amethyst on my third eyes chakra, rose quartz on my heart chakra and I may hold clear quartz or place in a greed around my body and simply lay and allow the energy to transmute.

5. Nature. Spending time in nature, putting your bare feet on the ground, grounding yourself, will naturally charge you from the Mother Earth. Allow the energy from earth to spread across you. All that negativity and worry will be out of your body. Nature never does mistakes, in nature everything has to be in balance. And whenever we are spending time in nature we are re-balancing our energy field. After spending a couple of hours in nature you may notice how different you feel, how more peaceful and calm you are and your mind is.

Have a wonderful day,