I’ve been in love with my oils for many years, and I often use them for myself and in my healing practice. With also personal experience I can separate scents into categories like the ones that are best for assisting during spiritual practice (resinous and conifer scents), or the ones to work with feminine energy (floral and some of the herbal scents), or masculine energy (woody or spices), or grounding (roots, woody, earthy scents) and so on.

Lately I noticed that my mind is becoming a bit jumpy and it’s sometimes hard to find that stillness and calmness of mind to allow myself to fully dive into the deep meditative state where I would be in trance and the time and space are no longer present. So I started to play around with my oils and making blends which some of them I found to be really good and powerful.

I am personally very sensitive to scents, I love them and I connect through the scent instantly. So here I’m sharing some of my top oils and easy to make blends (if you prefer to use ready recipes). My preferred way to use blends are in roller ball mini “perfume” mix, but the same recipe can be applied to make a diffuser blend (just use only essential oils without the carrier for diffuser or increase the number of drops to make a stock blend).



Calm Mind

Higher Balance

I Am

Note, that the last blend I AM is a bit different by its oil selection from other blends, and is mostly consists of more expensive oils. I personally created it very intuitively and find to be very soft and gentle in its scent that keeps me to be more open and receptive during my practice as well as to be more in alignment with my true self (it is also more feminine in its nature and can be used to bring back the feminine energy in case when masculine tends to constantly dominate).

Have a blessed day,