Hi, I'm Anna

energy healer and transformation therapist

Helping Women to find true love, build lasting loving relationships and ignite their feminine energy

"Relationship is a Sacred Dance between Masculine and Feminine"


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    Transform. Attract. Ignite







    I Can Help You:

    Attract True Love

    break free from the pattern of attracting the "wrong partner"

    Build Lasting Loving Relationships

    explore the depths of your authentic self, creating an internal environment that attracts genuine and lasting love

    Ignite Feminine Energy

    release the need for force and competition by shifting into a space of receiving and nurturing , embracing your natural grace without sacrificing strength

    Build Intimate Connection

    foster genuine connection, understanding and bonds in your relationships

    Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

    let go of not enoughness and personal devaluation by cultivating self-love and deep knowing of personal value

    Anna Ozturk

    Energy Healer and Transformation Therapist

    I specialize in guiding women towards attracting true love, fostering lasting relationships, and awakening their authentic feminine energy.

    As a certified hypnotherapist, RTTP and ThetaHealing practitioner I delve deep into the intricacies of the cause-and-effect connection, seeking out for the root causes to facilitate transformation and help you in overcoming obstacles.

    Let me be your companion in the transformative process of building the love-filled life you deserve.


    Energy Clearing Meditation

    Clear your space, align your chakras, and fill yourself with unconditional love


    What do they say

    transformation starts within

    Hypnosis & Meditations

    Explore the depths of love, relationships, and feminine power through transformative self-hypnosis and meditation sessions. Unlock the profound connection with your inner self and embrace a journey of personal growth. Elevate your spirit, nurture your relationships, and embody the essence of feminine strength.


    What Is Limiting Us

    Let’s talk about what is actually limiting us, or who is limiting us. It’s ourselves. Let me explain…. It’s about our personal perception or our

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