I want to share with you 7 habits that have changed my life, helped me to raise my vibration from low to higher one, and as a result I started to attract more abundance and goodness in life. I won’t lie I had my moments, I had my “dark night of the soul”, and few […]

Nourishing Body Butter Bars

Hi beauty queens, today it’s about body butter bars. I’ve seen it around, and even did a couple of time before but never really documented it. So this time I’ve decided to record the whole process and share it with you. These little cute body butter bars are so easy to make and so simple […]

Eatable Chocolate Face Mask

Do you love chocolate? I definitely do, especially on my face. Cocoa powder is filled with antioxidants that are very helpful in repairing skin cells and neutralizing free radicals on our face skin. It is perfect for any skin type, from dry to oily. Coconut milk (full fat) is rich in vitamin C and is […]

Nourishing Cuticle And Nail Oil

What can be worse then dry and and flaky skin around your nails? I mean, you do your manicure, in salon or at home, doesn’t matter, and then in couple of hours you end up having this not very soft skin on a place of your cuticle, softly speaking. As a mom myself, I always […]

How To Make Facial Oil At Home

Hi girls, today it’s a natural beauty care post. I love my little DIY beauty routine and of course I’m always happy to share it with others. Either by having a tea/coffee at home with my girlfriends and meanwhile making a face mask, or trying to master a face massage, or making a scrub. Today […]

Pink Salt Body Scrub

New week started. Kids are at school. After the weekend with never ending “mummy I want this, or I want that, or come here, or let’s play, or I want to eat, or etc…”, well, usual mummy’s business, lots of activities, finally there are few hours for pampering up. So today is the day! I […]

How to Make Natural Perfume. Project #1

I must to confess I always was fascinated by the smell. And by meaning it I’m not simply saying I was attracted to the nice aroma, or I have a sensitive nose (which in fact I have, and even suffer from it sometimes, I can smell which of my dogs peed sometimes in their toilet […]

Hand Softening Cream

All right, I have been experimenting again. And this time it was about my hands. I really need to soften and moisturize my skin. Even though I have a dishwasher, but still taking kids to toilet, washing after dogs, doing other stuff around the house, even simply removing the dust from furniture damages the skin […]

Green Clay Cleansing Face Mask

All right! I always used to stay away from green clay because the pre-made ones I tried were probably the wrong one for my skin, I used to have tightness and dryness afterwards. So I thought OK, green clay is probably not a good idea for my dryish skin. But dry skin still needs to […]

Deeply Moisturizing Kaolin Facial Mask

After the New Year has passed, school started, with a lot of struggles kids were back to their regime of waking up early and actually doing studies not only play times, I finally figure out that it is already beginning of February. Of course after abandoning my little routines, my skin was looking a little […]