Psychosomatic Issues of Back Pain

Whenever we talk about psychosomatic issues and our physical health it always has to do with inner conflict that is not being resolved for a long period of time; about suppressed emotions that you “store” in your body. When these issues and emotions are not getting out and not getting resolved on a long period […]


I want to share with you 7 habits that have changed my life, helped me to raise my vibration from low to higher one, and as a result I started to attract more abundance and goodness in life. I won’t lie I had my moments, I had my “dark night of the soul”, and few […]

5 Essential Oil Blends For Deep Meditation

I’ve been in love with my oils for many years, and I often use them for myself and in my healing practice. With also personal experience I can separate scents into categories like the ones that are best for assisting during spiritual practice (resinous and conifer scents), or the ones to work with feminine energy […]

Throat Chakra Alignment With Essential Oils

Throat chakra is also known as Vishuddha chakra from the sanscrit. This energy center is located at our throat area between collar bones, the color is blue, the sound is HAM. The physical body parts that are associated here are shoulders, neck, throat, jaw and mouth, ears. Glands which are associated with this energy centers […]

Protective Stones For Empaths

As an empaths we have this wonderful ability of involuntary picking up all of that emotions, feelings, thoughts, even physical sensations from other people. And take it as our own. If it’s, suppose, nice and pleasant then no problem. But most of the time that’s not a case. Most of the time we are actually […]

Essential Oils For Empaths

Being an empaths myself I know what it feels like to be affected by the negative energy around us, I know what it feels like to be affected by negative emotions of other people, I know what it feels like to absorb all these negative emotions and feel confused if this is my emotion or […]

6 Types Of Psychic Abilities And How To Tune Into Them

Quite often when it comes to psychic abilities the first one which usually comes in mind is clairvoyance. However there are more then that. And I believe that we all have at least one, just not all of us are able to open them up. Clairvoyance (clear seeing) is the ability to see objects, symbols, […]

Chakras 101

The entire universe is a manifestation of energy, which is present in all forms that we see and perceive. As a part of the universe we also consist of energy, we generate, burn and transform energy in our body. In our subtle body we have spinning energy centers, called chakras, also knows as “wheels of […]

How To Activate Your Intuition Or Sixth Sense

Some people are born with a strong sense of intuition, also known as a sixth sense or inner voice, some people develop it over period of time. Or I would rather say, re-activating it. Everyone of us have intuition, however majority of people by diving into the life’s span with all its down to earth […]

How To Relieve Earache In Kids Naturally

Have you ever woken up on a middle of a night because your little kid is crying from the earache? I just had this experience. And luckily I was able to relieve pain naturally with what I had near by. After a lovely day spent on the beach my little daughter woke up in the […]