11 Daily Uses Of Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is one of the most versatile and favorite oil for many people. It has a very sweet, fresh, minty, candy-like aroma. And of course it can benefit us in many ways, not only physically but also mentally. Energy boost. Diffusing it in the morning to wake up can be equal to a […]

4 Essential Oils For Earache

Few days ago we had a pretty extreme experience with earache. It happened during the weekend on a middle of a night with one of my kid. To see a doctor we had to wait till at least next day. So I had to do some remedies for her to reduce pain which was very […]

How To Relieve Earache In Kids Naturally

Have you ever woken up on a middle of a night because your little kid is crying from the earache? I just had this experience. And luckily I was able to relieve pain naturally with what I had near by. After a lovely day spent on the beach my little daughter woke up in the […]

How To Relieve PMS Naturally

Who doesn’t know PMS? I think at some point we all face it, we all know what it is and what it does. Even my husband knows… So PMS or premenstrual syndrome, is our reaction on all these hormonal changing that are happening to us through our menstrual cycle. You can’t really change the nature […]

Natural Remedy For Sunburns

Oh, no! I’m all red like a lobster! And it hurts, you can’t take normal shower, even slightly warm water makes a burning sensation. Does it sound familiar after a lovely day on the beach? In fact, you still apply sun block, but then you sort of forget to reapply it and the time goes […]

Natural Hair Care

Hey guys, have you ever had hair problems like hair loss, dry hair or heavily damaged hair? I always knew the natural products are working way better than commercial one. And here is why. I had big hair damages done years ago, and the only way that helped me to restore the hair growth and […]

How To Relieve Sun Allergy Naturally

Did you know that you can have allergy towards sun? Or to be more correct towards UV lights? The classical symptoms are skin rash with tiny reddish bumps on the skin often accompanied with itchiness. I didn’t know that until 10 years ago my mom developed an allergy. In fact we didn’t even think of […]