Inspiring Spring Essential Oils

If winter is associating with festive aromas around the Christmas time and more romantic blends around the valentines day then Spring is definitely brings some freshness with green, fresh, floral scents. I love the feeling of spring even though I live now in a very hot climate where there is summer 365 days a year. […]

Valentine’s Special Blends

What can be better on Valentine’s Day then spending it with the person you love. Either you have some big plans, or just a quiet romantic dinner at home, there are some little details that can make this day special. Setting up the mood is really effective by putting a favorite music, opening a nice […]

17 Best Essential Oils for Creativity

This article I want to dedicate to the art and creativity. I have many artistic friend, including myself, who simply can’t live without expressing their creativity. This is the way of self-expression. Unfortunately there are times when you sort of getting stuck in a process. To deal with these moments people are using many different ways. […]

5 Essential Oil Blend Recipes For Mamma

You know, some women are crazy about shopping, some collect and spend huge amounts of money on shoes and bags, and I am crazy in a same way but about essential oils. I have a lovely wooden box on my makeup table, which is untouchable for everyone in a house but me. It is filled […]

Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

Aphrodisiac essential oils are basically the essential oils that promote the sense and feelings of romance. There are some essential oils that are known for centuries as an aphrodisiacs and that have proven its actions. Rose essential oils is the first one that comes in mind whenever you think of romance. And there is no surprise […]

Boost Your Concentration With Essential Oils

To make things done you need a concentration. To make them done fast you need a better concentration. It doesn’t much matter either it’s a house work, or office job. Without concentration things are just not moving forward, they sort of stuck in a process or done half way. There are so many distractions happening […]

Balance Your Emotions With Essential Oils

As we live in such hectic world it is very important to be able to stay not only physically but also emotionally healthy. We all know, and probably even noticed on ourselves, how emotions can affect our physical and mental state and vice versa. Unfortunately we can’t just simply avoid stress and hide emotions in […]