5 Essential Oil Blend Recipes For Mamma

You know, some women are crazy about shopping, some collect and spend huge amounts of money on shoes and bags, and I am crazy in a same way but about essential oils. I have a lovely wooden box on my makeup table, which is untouchable for everyone in a house but me. It is filled […]

Deeply Moisturizing Kaolin Facial Mask

After the New Year has passed, school started, with a lot of struggles kids were back to their regime of waking up early and actually doing studies not only play times, I finally figure out that it is already beginning of February. Of course after abandoning my little routines, my skin was looking a little […]

My Top 6 Oils For Face

I have been making my own facial oils for a year now. It’s pretty simple, probably one of the simplest thing to make. But from the very beginning my concerns were about which base or carrier oil to use for the face without making it feeling heavy or greasy or clogging pores. Because my whole […]

Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

Aphrodisiac essential oils are basically the essential oils that promote the sense and feelings of romance. There are some essential oils that are known for centuries as an aphrodisiacs and that have proven its actions. Rose essential oils is the first one that comes in mind whenever you think of romance. And there is no surprise […]

Nourishing Facial Cream by Natali

Hi beauties! Recently I had a conversation with my dearest friend Natali, who is sharing my passion towards all natural products and loves her DIY beauty routine. She was very passionate about her home-made cream and the results she was receiving so I asked her to share with me the recipe. And here it is, […]

Boost Your Concentration With Essential Oils

To make things done you need a concentration. To make them done fast you need a better concentration. It doesn’t much matter either it’s a house work, or office job. Without concentration things are just not moving forward, they sort of stuck in a process or done half way. There are so many distractions happening […]

Balance Your Emotions With Essential Oils

As we live in such hectic world it is very important to be able to stay not only physically but also emotionally healthy. We all know, and probably even noticed on ourselves, how emotions can affect our physical and mental state and vice versa. Unfortunately we can’t just simply avoid stress and hide emotions in […]

Gorgeous Whipped Body Butter

Have you ever thought of making your own skin care products? I always used to think that its super hard but in reality it is easy and fun. I’ve been recently doing a lot of home-made products and I have one of my favorite recipe which I will share with you here. It is so […]

Photo-sensitivity of Essential Oils

For the essential oil lovers one of the safety concerns can be the photosensitivity (phototoxicity) of some of the essential oils. It’s not a big deal once you know which oils can be phototoxic and then how to use them safely. Some essential oils, mainly citrus, have in their chemical composition such compound like furanocoumarins. […]

How To Calm Kids By Using Aromatherapy

Have you ever had hard time calming little kids? I was struggling for hours sometimes to calm them down. Especially it was really hard at evenings right before going to bed. My mom used to tell me, give them a bath, all kids love it, they will sleep easily…. Well, maybe it works to some […]