I want to share with you 7 habits that have changed my life, helped me to raise my vibration from low to higher one, and as a result I started to attract more abundance and goodness in life. I won’t lie I had my moments, I had my “dark night of the soul”, and few years ago I had to put a lot of conscious effort in order to change my inner state. And these are these 7 habits that I have developed and find to work miracles. These habits don’t require anything, all it requires is your willingness and discipline until it becomes a new habit.

  1. Meditation or prayer, or any spiritual practice that is in alignment with you. For me it’s meditation. I’ve been doing it for the last 6 years now, every morning I wake up around 5:30-6 am and start my day with meditation. I find it to work miracles in how my day goes later on.
  2. Gratitude. The more you’re practicing gratitude the more you’re aligning yourself with that energy of gratitude and as a result the more you will attract situations and opportunities in life that will bring more and more of that sense of gratitude. I’m sure that anyone can find at least one thing a day to be grateful for. I made it as a habit, every evening before going to sleep I name to myself at least 5 things I’m grateful for that day and I noticed the more I bring it to my attention the more I feel gratitude and as a result I attract more goodness in my life. You can do gratitude journaling or simply name what you’re grateful for to yourself before sleep or start your day with gratitude.
  3. Sleep. Sleep is very important to our body to regenerate itself, to re-energize itself, to renew our mind. What I noticed is that if you’re going to bed before midnight, ideally at 10sh, then you’re naturally be able to wake up with sun raise and you feel a lot more energy. Common sense is important, if you’re going to bed at 2 am and trying to wake up at 6 am, you will feel tired and exhausted. If you can, do it before midnight.
  4. Food. What we eat not only fueling up our body but it also becomes a part of our body. So what type of food we are eating becomes who we are essentially. The more healthy and fresh food you’re eating the more vitamins and minerals you’re putting into your body, the more energy you’re putting into your body. That’s a very personal question to think and to re-think your own healthy habits, especially if you have tendency to go for not-so-healthy choices.
  5. Physical activity helps to move the energy inside of our body, helps to move that stagnation in our body. Doing the physical activity is not that you have to do it but that you want to do it. Any kind of physical activity be it jogging, working out in a gym, weight lifting, walking, dancing, doing sports or yoga, etc. My favorite is yoga and walking. Do any physical activity that you enjoy. Whenever you feel low energy, or sluggish do some physical activity, couple of squats or pushups, or maybe few asanas will change your overall level of energy.
  6. Do at least one thing a day that brings you joy. It can be anything, singing in a car, dancing while cooking, drawing, arts, anything that brings joy. For me personally it’s mixing essential oils. I love scents, I’m very receptive towards aromas and I just love to mix and blend oils. I use them to uplift my mood, to wake up one side of me in one situation or another side of me on another. I also love to play with crystals and do crystal grids, that’s my thing. Find what brings joy to you.
  7. Refocus from negative to positive. You can be irritated, angry or upset, we all have it, but I keep reminding myself about recognizing something positive there by asking a question “what good is in this situation or what positive is coming to me in this situation?” Maybe it allows me to have extra time to finish listening to my favorite podcast or a book on audible, or doing simple things like face gymnastic while waiting on a traffic light. These little things like refocusing yourself from negativity and finding at least one thing positive that can benefit you, is making sometimes a huge difference.

And of course with all that being said, do everything from a place of love and kindness, from a place of joy, never from a place of I have to or a place of struggle. You can even test yourself by saying I have to _____ (name the thing) and vs I want to _____ (name the thing) and notice how it feels like in your body, I have to vs I want to.

Have a wonderful day,