Open And Align Your Sacral Chakra With Essential Oils

Sacral chakra is all about the joy and pleasure, all about our desire. In this context desire creates a movement and movement creates a change. Sacral chakra is all about this movement, desire, sexuality, sensuality, it is the energy of creativity, procreation, nurturing, mothering, joy. The location is in our lower abdomen and it is associated also with glands gonads. It’s element is water. And same like water is easily flowing the energy of the Sacral chakra is all about going with a flow. It’s very emotional chakra and about the right to feel. Sacral chakra is also associated and linked with the ability of clairsentience.

To know if it’s out of alignment we can look for some of the negative emotions with can indicate the energy imbalance and can also create the disharmony in the energy flow of the Sacral chakra. These emotions are guilt, frustration, feeling as nothing is good enough, resistance to change, feeling that you’re enable to express your feelings and emotions, feeling like you’re out of touch with your own feelings, it’s sexual problems, issues with our sensuality. It can also be linked with a lot of fears associated with the energy of the Sacral chakra, like fear of having pleasure, fear of having desire, fear of having joy, fear of your own sensuality and sexuality. This can be a sign that Sacral chakra is out of alignment.

On a physical level it is also associated with our hips, womb, bladder, circulatory system, kidney, genitals, lower back. And it can manifest itself as a discomfort or stiffness in lower back, issues with our circulatory system, issues with womb, with sexuality, like impotence or frigidity, urinary tract infection. All of these can also be a sign of imbalance in the energy flow of the Sacral chakra.

A really good way to check if it’s out of alignment or not is to use pendulum to read chakras. Ideally it’s better to check all of the chakras with pendulum to see the whole picture.

When it comes to essential oils most of the oils which are really good to work with the energy of Sacral chakra would have aphrodisiac properties. Also essential oils which are emotionally opening, which carry the energy of creativity and procreation, like these which come from the seed of a plant, also these that bring a lot of joy and positive emotions like citrus oil, good example is orange. 

Essential oil which I find to be very effective to work with the energy of Sacral chakra are: jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, patchouli, geranium, sandalwood, clove, coriander seed, cardamom, clary sage, orange, fennel, nutmeg, copaiba

How to choose the right oil

  • it’s really good here to listen to your inner voice, intuition. Look for the one which is most in alignment with your current state in that particular moment

How to use:

  • diffuse
  • take a bath with oils (up to 5 drops in a bath with carrier oil, avoid hot oils like clove or nutmeg)
  • use topically in a body oil or make a roller ball blend

How to make a roller ball blend: 

  • from personal experiments when it comes to subtle energy work LESS IS MORE, don’t exceed more then 10 drops of oil in your blend
  • when blending oils together stick with 3 – 5 essential oils being blended together, otherwise it can be overwhelming
  • choose the ones that are attractive to you, they should smell nice and to you and give you positive emotions. If some oils are not appealing to you, using them would create emotional tension which is not serving its best, and you simply may not want to use them often, so stick with these which are pleasant to you at this moment

Have a beautiful day,