Whenever it comes to spiritual practice, be it meditation, be it a prayer, connecting with spirit realms or connecting to our Higher Self, to have this beautiful spiritual environment, the whole atmosphere is very important. It’s as important as for us personally be in a calm, relaxed, more harmonious state. This enables us to connect with a Divine and receive these Divine messages.

One of the best ways to enhance our spiritual practice, to create the spiritual atmosphere in a room, as well as to help us to be more centered, more focused, more grounded, elevate our spirit, is to use essential oils and incense.

If to look back, for example, the incense has been used for this purpose for thousands of years. From my personal research and my personal practical use of essential oils I was able to separate a list of essential oils which I personally find to be very effective in terms of enhancing the spiritual practice, in terms of elevating the spirit, being more centered and focused, staying in a presence of now.

I always would encourage you to experiment with your oils, use them and see what emotions do they bring in you, how do they work on you, how they enhance your practice. This will help you to build your own list of spiritual oils.

Have a beautiful day,