We have 7 main chakras, energy centers, in our subtle body, which are associated with the specific area of our needs, desires, actions. They are also associated with specific body parts. And each chakra, accordingly, have a certain emotions which would resonate on the same level.

Emotions can be seen as a sign of dis-balance of the energy flow through our chakras, and they can also affect the energy flow in our chakras. When each chakra is aligned and harmonized with each other, in general we feel good and our life is a rainbow. But there are days when colors seem to fade…

Once I learned and understood chakras deeper everything became clear to me, I could clearly see the connection between my emotions and chakras. Emotions are, in fact, great indicators, first we feel it emotionally, then the dis-balance can manifest in our physical body. In order to support our emotional wellness we can use chakras as a guide, regardless of choosing to use extra tools or not (I personally love using essential oils and healing stones).

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The way I see chakras is by the level of our consciousness and perception, where each chakra resonates with certain level of our needs, desires, and of course with certain emotions, both positive and negative.

Root chakra is all about our basic needs: survival, security, stability, grounding. It represents the foundation in chakra system. When Root chakra is balanced and aligned we feel secure, safe, stable, independent, abundant, we feel grounded and belonging.

However, there are negative emotions which resonate with this energy center and can indicate the imbalance of the Root chakra or affect the energy flow in it. These are the fear of loosing, feeling unsafe and insecure, feeling of not belonging, feeling of not having financial stability or any kind of stability in life, which can manifest into feeling exhausted, tired, left out, or even into depression.

Sacral chakra represents our desires, joy, pleasure of life, also procreation, creativity, emotions and relationships. When the energy is balanced we experience the sense of joy and pleasure in life, we sort of going with the flow, our sensuality is open and receptive, we have healthy emotional connections, have the balance between our feminine and masculine energies, we feel sexual and have healthy relationships.

Negative emotions that indicate the imbalance in the Sacral chakra or affect its optimal energy flow can be experienced as sense of guilt, shame, frustration, inability to express feelings or being out of touch with someone’s feelings, lack of sensuality and sexuality, feeling of having no choice, feeling of not having enough or feeling of not being good enough, fear of pleasure, sexual problems, being overly attached to things and people, feeling unattractive and trying to compensate it in various ways.

Solar Plexus chakra represents our will power, actions, self-identification and self-esteem. When energy is balanced we feel in control, confident, have strong self-esteem and self-worth, we know when to surrender and when to take necessary action, courage and inner strength.

Negative emotions that can indicate the imbalance of the Solar Plexus chakra are the feeling of being out of control, management issues, powerlessness, overly controlling or desire for control, being over critical, stubbornness, victim mentality, withdrawal, resistance, inability to act, nervousness, anger, tension, burned out, restlessness, fatigue.

Heart chakra associates with compassion, love, receptivity, acceptance. When balanced we feel loved, able to give and receive love, compassionate, understanding, empathetic, feeling connected with the environment and people that surround us, feel good about ourselves, forgiveness, kindness and gratitude.

Negative emotions that can indicate the imbalance of the Heart chakra or affect its energy can be felt as loneliness, difficulty in relating to others, feeling isolated, grief, sadness, jealousy, envy, codependency, not being able to forgive to others and ourselves, holding grudges, being too defensive, hate, fear, having rescuer behavior, being ungrateful, anger towards someone or ourselves.

Throat chakra is associated with our self-expression, authenticity, creativity, sense of freedom. When balanced we feel free to speak our truth, our needs, thought and desires, we are able to express ourselves either verbally or through creativity, having a sense of inner freedom, good communication skills.

Negative emotions that can indicate imbalance of the Throat chakra or affect its energy can be felt like inability to live according to your true-self, inability to speak out your thoughts, needs, desires, gossiping, judgement, inability to listen, feeling of not being heard, shyness, fear of speaking (including public speaking), social anxiety, arrogance.

Third Eye chakra is associated with our intuition, imagination, manifestation, inner wisdom. Upper chakras are becoming more abstract, but they are very much affecting the way we feel. When balanced we can make decisions, we are open to new ideas and new information, we have strong intuition, inner wisdom, we can manifest our desires and have good imagination and visualization.

Negative emotions here can be seen as feeling directionless, confusion, feeling stuck, denial, dogmatic beliefs or approach, delusion, not being able to see the reality, living in a dream. It can also manifest itself into anxiety or depression.

Crown chakra represents our understanding, sense of bliss, oneness, consciousness, spirituality. When balanced we have strong sense of awareness, connection with ourselves, sense of oneness and wholeness, harmony, clarity, spiritual connection.

Negative emotions or imbalances here can be seen as lack of clarity, mental fogginess, confusion, disconnection with who we are, limiting beliefs, inability to set and to maintain goals. All of these can manifest itself into insomnia, apathy, depression, inability to learn, boredom.

Once you take some time to see and to realize your emotional state, you can see which chakra needs more attention, and use it for transforming your emotions from the negative spectrum into positive one. When I saw this connection between the chakra system and emotions which are resonating on a level of specific chakras, I can now easily pick the oil or a healing stone or any other tool I may need to address the issue and bring myself back to balance. To find the right essential oil according to chakras I suggest you to check my article on how to balance chakras with essential oils.

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