To speak frankly I used to have big energy blocks in my Throat Chakra, and after I learned about it and started working on creating a free energy flow, everything changed.

Seems like a small detail and yet it affects the whole life in a pretty big way.

I’ve been using aromatherapy for long time, and today I’m making a blend to balance and to strengthen Vishuddha Chakra, also known as a Throat Chakra. It’s a fifth major energy center in chakra system, it’s located at our throat area and mainly associated with our ability to speak our truth, ability to communicate, creativity through the voice and sound, ability to speak out and deliver our thoughts and ideas to the world.

When the energy flow is blocked, weak, too little or too much of energy flow it creates imbalance and can be seen as inability to communicate, fear of speaking, inability to speak our truth, our thoughts and ideas, speaking inappropriate, judgement.

To balance Throat Chakra we can use essential oils that are associated with this chakra: Chamomile German and Roman, Cypress, Geranium, Peppermint, Myrrh, Coriander, Lime, Juniper, Laurel, Palo Santo, Spike Lavender, Wintergreen.

I choose to use German Chamomile for its color and the ability to connect me to my true self, Coriander to help me to speak out my ideas and thoughts, Cypress to create a movement of energy, and Palo Santo to connect with higher realms and upper chakras.

Balancing Throat Chakra blend:

For the best benefits and results I recommend using only pure high quality essential oils. I personally use YoungLiving essential oils which I find to be very effective and high quality oils that I can trust.

Have a beautiful day,