Anahata chakra. Center of love, empathy, forgiveness, friendship, relationships, kindness, acceptance. Anahata chakra is also known as Heart chakra, it’s our 4th major energy center in a chakra system, it’s a connective bridge between lower chakras, more physical energy and upper chakras with more spiritual and abstract energy.

Too little or too much energy flow in Heart chakra creates imbalance. We may feel it by feeling loneliness and separation, fear, hate, codependency, pleasing everyone in order to get their approval, jealousy.

To balance Anahata/Heart chakra there are certain essential oils which are associated with this energy center: bergamot, lavender, melissa, palmarosa, rose, ylang ylang, neroli, jasmine, inula, blue tansy, black spruce, cinnamon leaf, goldenrod, cistus, helichrysum, hyssop, manuka, marjoram sweet, may chang.

Here I’m making a balancing blend for Heart chakra. Whenever I blend for energetic perspective I always tend to use my intuition, according to my personal needs. Here I’m really attracted to Ylang Ylang as a core oil, because it really opens up all senses. To enhance the balancing effect I stopped on Northern Lights Black Spruce which is very expending, fresh, opens up the breath and creates more space in my heart. And of course to add a more gentle touch, bring more kindness and generosity to the blend I added Neroli.

Balancing Anahata Chakra Roll-On Blend

The aroma is unbelievably, it is so gentle, expanding, fresh and sweet, encourages the feeling of pure love, kindness, forgiveness, empathy, creates free energy flow which you can feel right away.

Use this blend whenever you like, feel the imbalance in your Heart chakra, during the meditation on balancing Heart chakra, as a perfume during day time to support a harmonious energy flow through Anahata chakra.

Have a good day,