Nature is created in a way that it has the ability of self-growth, self-restoration and self-healing. It always keeps the balance. Why not us? We are as human beings also belong to the nature, and our bodies both physical and emotional suppose to have same abilities. And it does. We just partly forgot about it.

A lot of our negative thoughts and feelings, including depressions, may come from past emotional wounds and unexpressed emotions. Sometimes when to look back to the nature itself with all that harmonious self-healing power we may be very surprised in how we can use its power to help ourselves.

Resins and gums are the healing liquids of the plant when its cut. They help to heal and protect the tree. Since ancient times people would collect them and burn in different rituals and spiritual practices. Even now you can see the same rituals and practices around the world. It’s believed to have healing powers, clear the negative energy, connect us with the higher consciousness and spiritual realms (heavily used in meditations and prayers). As they heal the tree, they also can help us to heal emotional wounds as well. They encourage the feeling of appreciation, gratefulness, self-reflection and awareness.

Essential oils that come from resins and gums are frankincense, myrrh, copaiba, elemi.

Frankincense is not only aids meditative state but also induces the feeling of emotional stability, feeling of protection, self-acceptance and gives us the inspiration to overpass the the emotional bandage that holds us back. Frankincense can give us a support in a wide range of circumstances by elevating the spirit and letting us to not hold the past but live in a present moment and to appreciate what we have. It helps us to break the link with emotional wounds that create the feeling of anger, hurt and resentment. Its aroma is found to be very balancing and calming for people who suffer from extreme emotional changes.

Myrrh is like a healer to our emotional wounds. Its aroma enables us to let go of the need of battle for unjust by helping us to realize the need to forget, let go, move forward and stop hanging on to our wounds. Myrrh helps to gently relieve mental and emotional tension, creates a sense of inner peace and helps to harmonize out emotions by encouraging self-acceptance, sympathy and strengthening fortitude.

Copaiba as other resin essential oils is helpful with healing emotional wounds and traumas. With its very centering and calming aroma it can be used in meditation or inhaled directly each time we experience nervous tension related to the past events to help us find balance and harmony in a present moment. Copaiba empowers us to embrace and understand who we are now and to make peace with our past experience. Sometimes it’s hard to face our troubled past and to move on, and this gentle essential oil can give us this necessary support and courage.

Elemi is a close relative of Frankincense essential oil, it’s a scent of placidity. It helps us to reconnect within, to hear our soul, to awaken our true knowing of what is right for us. Elemi is soothing and yet it is strong, it helps us to relieve the feeling of grief, anger, desperation and emotional traumas and wounds by reuniting our body, mind and spirit. Elemi supports our humanity, contentment, compassion and peace which are all essential for letting go of the past and healing emotional wounds.

These may not be a doctor’s medicine, but they are very potent in supporting our emotional well-being. Use them regularly by diffusing in the room, applying as a perfume in a roll-on blend, use them during meditation, relaxation, EFT tapping for emotional release or whenever you feel like you need support to deal with your emotional wound, letting go and move forward.

Much love,