Known in Sanskrit as Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra, meaning is “Thousandfold” or “Thousand Petals”. It’s the seventh main energy center in chakra system and it’s located at the top of the head, at the point where the plates of the skull meet, with its petals extending to cover the whole crown of the head. Same like Third Eye chakra, Crown chakra is not linked to any element as its vibration is pure spirit. Its color is violet, transparent, luminous amethyst like violet, and the petals are described as the rainbow colors, colors of all our chakras.

Sahasrara chakra is considered to be one of the highest vibrational centers in the subtle body. Crown chakra is associated with our spirituality and deep inner searching. It enables us to be able to express our highest wisdom, to be connected with the Universe, God, Love, Divine or any other name you call it. This chakra is most active during meditation or prayer. Person who is highly spiritual would have Crown chakra fully open.

Crown chakra is also associated with pituitary gland, pineal gland and hypothalamus. Hypothalamus and pineal gland are responsible for regulating endocrine system.

Sahasrara chakra is associated with following:

Signs of blocked or overactive Sahasrara chakra:

Essential oils to strengthen the Crown chakra are a great addition to a traditional methods like meditation, fasting, yogic diet, asanas. Here you want to use essential oils that have the ability to connect and unite us with the Divine or Higher Consciousness, these that resonate with the energy of the Crown chakra:

You may notice that a lot of these oils are also resonate with other chakras in our subtle body. The reason is that the vibrations of all of the chakras are united at the Crown chakra, the matter and spirit are not separate but a part of a Universal Light or Divine.

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