Ajna Chakra or Third Eye chakra is the sixth energy center in our body. It represents the knowledge, which goes far beyond the physical senses into the realm of subtle energies and senses. By opening up our inner perception it allows us to understand the physical world better. Third Eye chakra is a bridge with the higher consciousness. It’s location is between the eyebrows, behind the forehead. The color is indigo.

Ajna Chakra is associated with following:

When your Third Eye Chakra is imbalanced you may notice:

As the Third Eye chakra develops during the meditation the best way to balance and strengthen it is to focus and concentrate during the meditation. Which most of the time is challenging. Mastering Ajna chakra will help you to keep your mind focused on related issues, to understand the world far beyond of what we can see by our physical eyes.

Using essential oils during the meditation can be a great tool for keeping the focus and concentration. Use the ones that are helping us to connect with the higher levels of the mind and consciousness, the ones that bring clarity to understanding the spiritual truth:

Essential oils are good to be used during meditations, for auric massage, along with Crystals to activate, balance and strengthen the chakras.

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