The Throat Chakra or in Sanskrit Vishuddha Chakra is the first of the higher energy centers, the fifth major chakra in a chakra system. It is associated with communication, self expression and creativity through sound. It is located at the level of the throat level. Its color is blue. The element is ether.

Throat Chakra is associated with following:

Sings if your Throat chakra is blocked or imbalanced:

When Vishuddha chakra is strong:

Essential oils to strengthen your Throat Chakra are the ones that promote sense of calm, strength and enable the truth to be spoken without anger and with integrity:

How to use: essential oils can be used as single or in a blend, diffused in the room for purifying the energy, burned in a special burner, use during yoga and meditation, with crystals during the crystal or reiki healing sessions to realign your chakras , in a bath with more of energy restoring, purifying and chakra balancing purposes (1-3 drops only), with massage (1% concentration) physical and for aura massage, applied topically on energy centers (better diluted). Use your intuition for picking the right oil but keep in mind their properties and energetics. Use only high quality essential oils with integrity of harvesting and production as energy matters here.

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